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Going to X2O) with the wife tonight....What MUST we order

I have heard the Spaetzle was a must have...and that the soft shell crabs are a must NOT. Any other suggestions of dishes we HAVE to order?

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  1. Four of us had dinner there last Sept. & everyone ordered a different apt. & entree. Naturally, we tasted each others selections. From this admittedly small sample, I believe that a blindfolded person could throw darts at the menu & still have a great meal. Enjoy!

    1. Beleive it or not, the sushi was very good. I don't know of this will be on the menu this time of year, but when I was there in February, I had the short rib ravioli...out of this world!! Mr. HR had the sweetbreads and could not stop raving about them.
      I also had their carrot cake for dessert and it was delicious. They make it with a not too sweet mascarpone icing.

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        I haven't had sweetbreads in a while...do you remember if they where the tiny crunchy variety or the huge lobe ones?

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          They were on the smaller side. If I recall correctly they were like a salad with figs and pomegranate seeds. Mr. HR had never had them before and was a little afraid, but he dug in anyway and it turned out to be one of his favorite dishes that night.

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            most people are afraid of them for the first time....until they taste that buttery goodness lol

      2. The Lobster Marscapone is a great app.

        1. Im not sure if they still offer it, or they offer it only on request, but the Soft Shell Crab Roll on the Sushi menu or specials menu is to die for........

          1. my dude and i went there this past sunday...I had the scallop appetizer with aspargus and morel and, save for the lack of salt on the scallops, very impressed. Also had the veal hangar steak which i though very well of, just wish it used beef instead of veal, though the giant mushroom it was served with was super.desserts were nothing WOW, though the apple sorbet was excellent.

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              im a big fan of he scallop dish as well

            2. I ate their for a wine dinner last Friday. This restaurant is hitting on all cylinders. Right now food and service is as good as anything (I mean the top) in NYC!!

              Congrats to Peter Kelly!

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                  Wow let me tell you guys...this place is astounding. The space is beautiful on the inside and out. Not a bad seat in the house. The wife is pregnant so her choices where limited. She had the pea soup with smoked salmon spring rolls...both whee excellent. I started with the special Seared ahi which was excellent, followed by the Fois Gras and Short Rib ravioli......INSANE!!!! I mean WOW it was pure decadence can't even describe how luxurious it was. For entrees she had the rack of lamb once again excellent, but her Israeli cous cous was straight from heaven...the most perfect use of curry i have EVER tasted. I had the Berkshire Hog....the Mignon was great...but the PORK BELLY....dare i say Best I have ever had....this includes Daniel, Gramercy, and La Mer in Hawaii....among others.....its was pur eheavan on a plate.

                  Deserts where excellent too....chocolate Timbale was decadent, red velvet cake was amazing....but ho cares hahaha.

                  EXCELLENT!!!! Lives up to the hype....oh and Chef Kelly still comes up to every single table and spent a few minutes with us!

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                    Oh I am so glad you had the short rib ravioli! I especially loved the amaretti cookies they crumbled over the top...it really acted as a foil to the softness of the ravioli.
                    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your meal.

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                      agreed the Amaretti crumbles with the Truffle butter was a decadent combination!!

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                      Yum, sounds soooo good, thanks for reporting! Red velvet cake?? Mmmm.

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                        i actually do not like cake AT ALL!! and this was INCREDIBLE. Moist, tasty yummm!

                    1. Love the "throw a dart at the menu" comment, and am very happy to agree. As I've said before, I went not wanting to love the place because of all the hype, but I was won over.

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                        i agree with your commet, but then i found the food to be solid, the service to be exzcellent, the rooms to be comfortable. only negative is valet parking, you gotta give them extra $$$ to keep car up front, otherwise you could be waiting a while..but not a big deal obviously...x20 a keeper