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Jun 11, 2008 10:40 AM

Flying Burrito re-opening?

Has anyone heard when the Flying Burrito in Chapel Hill will re-open? thanks.

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  1. It's open! I've been there twice - the first time I had a flying chicken, the second time a "small plate" with two crispy fish tacos. The first tasted pretty much like what I was used to as a longtime FB customer, the second was new, and good.

    I was disappointed that the first visit's flour tortilla chips weren't repeated on the second trip. Their chips were always a lowlight and I thought that the addition of flour chips in the basket was fun.

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      Thanks! Hoping to go there next week. Didn't they expand the FB? Isn't there a Bada Wings (spelling) next to it? Was wondering how that place was, also. Again, thanks for the information.

    2. I'm going to have to strongly disagree about the new "Flying Burrito". I just went for my first dinner since they reopened under the new owners, and my husband and I (both long time fans of the place) were both very disappointed. The interior is definitely spruced up but misses that homey feel and the menu is quite deceptive. A lot of the items on the old menu are on the new menu in name (along with the addition of tapas...and a stronger emphasis on burgers) but the menu is about half the size as the original. In no way, however, were the dishes comparable with the originals. My flying catfish burrito (previously one of my favorite dishes in the Triangle) was bland in taste and texture without even the appealing crunch of the breaded catfish (my husband hates seafood and he couldn't even taste the "catfish"). The previously delightful slaw (I asked where it was since it was still listed on the menu and I didn't see it) has been replaced with a few bits of shredded iceburg lettuce and tomato. My husband's raging rooster was twice as spicy as he remembered it, apparently to cover the fact that they'd removed all the other flavorings that used to be in it. Overall I was quite saddened by the experience and will not be returning to what was previously one of my favorite haunts in the foreseeable future.

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        Wow ncdocgal, I'm surprised you had such a bad experience. As a regular of the old and new burrito I'm quite please with the renovations. Yes, it has changed dramatically, and everything is a little too new at this point, I think it has retained it's vibe. The staff and regulars are still awesome, and I think the food is still worth the trip if not on average better than before. It's really strange that you were so disappointed in the old menu items. The new owner retained the previous chef and the former owner has been working in the kitchen a few days a week to help keep the new dishes in line with the old. The guy who made the chicken for the raging rooster before is the same guy making it now. Maybe you hit an off night - it's only been open a couple of weeks and they're still getting things solid in the kitchen. The only thing I really miss from the old place are the random seafood specials. Hopefully they'll try to incorporate a few of these as the progress.

      2. I can't seem to find a website for the place ... driven by it many times but never went in. I love tex-mex, am I correct in assuming that is what they serve? Would it be an ok place to take a well-behaved kid?

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          Yes to tex-mex, and absolutely on the kid front.

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            There is no website - heck, until now, they had to re-copy the menu by hand every night!

          2. Do they still charge for chips and salsa?

            1. I was a long-time FB customer and I was eagerly waiting for the restaurant to re-open. I was actually quite optimistic about the food since the new owner purchased the original recipes and the former owner had been working in the kitchen to train folks. Also, I waited a bit so that hopefully the new restaurant jitters would have been worked out and I'd have the best chance of a satisfying visit. Obviously I didn't wait long enough-- the food was mediocre at best, the service was terrible, and the interior renovations make the place look like an "up-scale" fast food place that happens to have a bar. Not only was the food poorly prepared, but the quality of ingredients had noticeably declined (poor quality beef, obviously frozen fries, poor quality fish, salsa out of a jar). I'd never recommend the place as it stands. I certainly won't be going back unless something major changes, such as I start to hear folks raving about the turn-around.

              Someone posted that one of the menu changes was an emphasis on burgers. Sadly that's not really true. The Flying Burrito used to have the best burgers and fries in town and now they're serving something that I wouldn't feed my dog. There might be three burger options on the menu (as opposed to the one option on the old FB menu) but there's absolutely no emphasis on burgers considering the poor quality of the burger and fries our party received and absolutely no resemblance to the former Flying Burrito burger.

              The fish tacos were bland without any fresh fish taste or fried fish crunch. The top chips were okay, but the chips under that first layer were completely stale. The salsa could have come from a jar. And the mediocre food took over forty minutes to arrive.

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              1. re: jescott

                this sounds like, unfortunately, the new owner isn't listening to phil. phil told me he wanted to have the "best burger in town" to really grab ahold of someone who didn't like tex-mex so he'd still come back with friends.

                i've been wanting to try it out since the re-opening. perhaps i will wait a little while longer.

                it also sounds like they no longer have the "so hot but i can't stop eating it" habenero-based salsa?