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Jun 11, 2008 10:20 AM

Fiddleheads with bacon at East Coast Grill

Oh my ... this was a wonderful special dish (the farmer's dish of the day) at ECG last night. I love fiddleheads anyway, but when they are tossed with big chunks of bacon and brown butter, they are off the hook.

I know it's unfair to post about a special, because it may not be offered again, but if you are going shortly and it's on the menu, I would highly recommend.

Oysters, tuna tacos and wetbones great as always.

Struck up a conversation with the guy next to me at the bar ... he was completely silent while slooooowly eating his tuna tacos. He said he'd never had them before and it was almost a religious experience. That's not my hyperbole, it's his, but I agree.

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  1. Thanks for posting yumyum, I've been looking for a good fiddlehead recipe and this sounds great. Was there any garlic, onion, or other spices? I tried cooking fiddlehead with chanterelles in butter a week or so ago but thought they didn't go together too well.

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    1. re: steinpilz

      Nothing besides the fiddleheads, lardons and brown butter.

      My DC thought they would be better plainer, as the taste is quite delicate, but I have to say I really thought this was the bomb. Will depend very much on the quality of bacon you use.

      Good luck!

      1. re: yumyum

        I was yumyum's DC - the blackboard menu also mentioned Old Bay seasoning in the fiddleheads, but I didn't detect any. I think they were just boiled until crisp-tender, and then tossed with the bacon and brown butter. They were indeed awesome. I also tried an experiment of putting a lardon on a bite of tuna taco to see if bacon does indeed make everything better. Shockingly, it didn't; the tuna tacos are perfect just as they are.

    2. I had them last night as well. They were quite good. But I must say (and maybe it was just an off night) but everything else was poooo-oooooo-ooooooor. Weak drinks, mealy, foul tasting shrimp cocktail, overly salted dumplings.... The pit chicken was very tasty - although I did not order it. Also our DC's tuna looked great. Perhaps I just ordered wrong... I was not that hungry because it was so hot, but there is nothing worse than biting into a bad shrimp. Bummer. But yes, those fiddleheads were a bright spot!

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      1. re: Small Plates

        I get nervous about eating out in deathly hot weather especially seafood. I do eat at restaurants all summer long just not during heat waves. I have even bought fish at Whole Foods during heat waves that was questionable. As far as ECG they do wonderful vegetable dishes and I really love eating there. The way the fiddleheads were described sounds heavenly.

        1. re: Small Plates

          The only thing worse than than the bad shrimp was the obnoxious child screaming on the top of her lungs last night while the parents had a four course meal......The snapper special was good, tuna tacos better, and the grilled shrimp were also good.

          1. re: phatchris

            That kid was definitely ripping! She was cute at the bar as the parents were waiting to be seated, but lost it right before they sat down. We were not close enough to be bothered (ate at the bar), however we did get a chuckle whenever we heard one of her primal wails. I would have been bummed to have sat near them though.

            In general we had another good and consistent ECG meal. The tacos were excellent as always. We also went for the #1 tuna and a dozen mixed oysters to start. The Island Creeks were a bit 'tastier' than usual, but the were fine overall and we are still standing. We slit the grilled snapper special for an entree and it was excellent as their fresh catch generally is. As for the fiddleheads we passed on the heavy preparation. They had fiddleheads a few weeks ago with a lighter balsamic sauce and they were good. The fresh veg plate generally does not let you down there.

            As for the shrimp, we generally stay away from the shrimp cocktail at ECG. I often find them mealy and slimy, unfortunately I think that experience is not out of the norm. However at the bar they gave us a special shrimp stuffed with wasabi in soy and old bay sauce (complimentary). That preparation was tasty. They said too much individual prep required to put them on the menu and make them on spec. The bar/raw bar service was excellent as always. They were training a newbie, but things went smoothly. As for the cocktails, no complaints about my margarita (strength included).

            Top it all off with some chocolate/banana from Christina's and it made for a satisfying meal overall.