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What do you think Richard says on Top Chef tonight?

I saw a commercial for the finale TONIGHT (I'm SO excited) and it sounds like Richard says something at the end that shocks the judges.

My guess is he rats out LIsa for not being qualified enough? Maybe Bravo editing has just got to me, but I'm surprised if Richard would say something petty at the end. I thought he was better than that. Your thoughts?

Go Stephanie1

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  1. Perhapse he says..."Splunge!"

    1. i'd be surprised, usually Bravo edits their commercials to throw the viewers off.

      1. It probably has to do with product placement...

        Richard, "What!?!? Two Whoppers for under a dollar! Shazam!"

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        1. "These pretzels are making me thirsty."

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            THESE pretzels, despite being stored in a GLAD (R) Ziplock bag, are making ME thirsty. Pass me a bottle of refreshing EVIAN water, please.

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              these pretzels that i've been snacking on from my glad(R) Ziploc storage bag are making me thirsty. can someone please get me a bottle of refreshing evian water from the GE monogram refrigerator? if there aren't any in there, would you please drive to whole foods in the toyota highlander to get me one? thanks.


            2. no, he says, "the question of the day, do you like burritos?"

              1. A successful and appreciated restaurant will be my best revenge.

                1. My guess: he says he thinks Steph should win. He's in this for good press. I honestly don't think he cares if he wins and he defers ALL the time. He wants to cook fabulous food and impress everyone all around. He's got a great gig as is at Home. And will open more anyway - he was almost overqualified but now is famous. Better to look humble than cocky.

                  although i think it is kind of cocky. but i like him (and steph) anyway.

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                    that's actually a really good call. i wouldn't be surprised...

                  2. Gail was SHOCKED by that? Saying that it wasn't his best meal of the show? I was hoping that he would either concede to Stephanie or call Lisa out and say that she didn't belong there.

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                      agreed - something obvious isn't shocking.

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                        Tom C agrees with you and so do I. Tom was like "Umn, not that shocking, he just means his pork sucked."

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                          Maybe she was expecting him to say something more like: "Even though this wasn't my best, I still deserve to win because I've been the best all season, really, and I tried some new stuff tonight that didn't really hit, but I'm clever and classy and cool and I can cook, dangit. This is MY house."

                        2. I didn't have the impression that he choked at all. He apparently failed on one dish -- the pork belly -- and it certainly didn't ruin his chances. On the other hand, this was the finale and it's time for your bravado to show, even if you don't feel it.

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                            They had complaints about all his dishes but the dessert (and that was a repeat in parts). Definitely not his best showing. And I love Stephanie but think Richard is probably the best chef - lots of chances mean you can fall hard. I was surprised he was so un-Richardlike though. I do think he overthought.

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                              <And I love Stephanie but think Richard is probably the best chef - lots of chances mean you can fall hard.>

                              Not last night, he wasn't! I love Stephanie, too.

                          2. This was probably mentioned before -- and I probably missed one or two of the 8,000 Top Chef posts LOL! (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it) -- but I was floored to find Richard had competed in an Iron Chef America battle before. I don't remember him/the battle at all.

                            Also it seems wild as one normally would think Top Chef would be the first stop and ICA would be the second.

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                            1. re: HarryK

                              I thought I read that somewhere. Was he a main competitor or a sous chef?

                              1. re: HarryK

                                It was Blais verus Batali, the secret ingredient was chickpeas

                                He didn't try out for Top Chef, he was invited and I've read from Dale's interview that Richard had no idea what Top Chef was at the time.

                                I don't know if any chef with his standing would show up on Top Chef after this season, it seems like you'd have more to lose than gain.

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                                  especially if you lose early - although despite last night, i think richard still gained.

                                      1. re: southernitalian

                                        May 13th, 2007. Only 4-5 months before TC started filming....

                                        Actually, Dec 3 2006. Like their recipes, the information on the FoodTV website is bad as well.

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                                          here's the airing info ( december 2006), menus, and recap with the scoring-- batali won, but didn't kick blais' ass by any means--3 point difference, and richard scored equal to batali in plating and higher in originality.


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                                        Whoa! I didn't he know he was on Iron Chef America! Crazy...I did know Richard was famous but yea, weird. I really like the comment about him being on the show for good press and to become famous. But now knowing he already is...I'm even more glad Stephanie won!