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Jun 11, 2008 10:07 AM

Cake Baking ?

I am baking a 4 layer chocolate cake for father's day. Should I bake 2 layers and split them or bake 4 layers. Willing to do whichever way gets me the best cake.


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  1. For most cakes 2 layers split would be fine. However , type of cake and size of layer does factor into the equation.

    1. I would bake your cakes in 2 separate pans, that way you only have to cut off the tops of 2 cakes (to make it even so when you invert the one cake onto the other it stays flat and your icing won't slide) instead of 4. Leftover cake tops are also good for a mini rendition of a trifle!

      1. I would bake in 2 pans and then split the layers so that baking time will not be adjusted. If all the cakes dome, then the cake may get a little floppy. Plus, isn't it better to bake cake batter right away so that the baking powder does not lose its rising power?

        1. Splitting the cakes will give you a moister cake since less surface is exposed to the heat - that's why it's my preferred method. However, you will have crumbs to deal with - best way to do that is to "seal" any surfaces where crumbs would taint your frosting with a light coat of frosting,

          1. 2 layers is way easier than 4. Just split them. has great tips for icing cakes. Use a skim coat over the entire cake after layers have been layered. Let that sit in the fridge for half an hour before the final coat. No problem with crumbs that way. Also, use toothpicks to mark the centre of the layer to help you cut it. Works well.