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Jun 11, 2008 10:04 AM

Early dinner near Cobb Centre on weeknight

Coming in from Athens next week to see Eddie Izzard at the Cobb Centre. I've never been there and my familiarity with Atlanta neighborhoods is slim. Recommendations of specific restaurants or links to previous thread that cover the area both appreciated.

We've got one woman in the group who doesn't want Mexican/Latin, and another that doesn't want somewhere that's pasta-centric. (In other words, Italian ok as long as the whole menu isn't pasta.) Another woman has complex dietary restrictions I can't even begin to understand (or list here) so restaurants with menus online are a bonus.

Not looking to break the bank, but it is a girls' night out, so low cost isn't the biggest priority. Proximity to Cobb Centre and speedy, reliable service very important.

Hit me up with your suggestions, Chowhounds.

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  1. "The Centre is at the intersection of Cobb Galleria Parkway and Akers Mill Road." per their website.

      1. Trying one more time, help me out Chowhounders. I found this list:

        And the only two that look interesting to me are Ted's Montana Grill or Olde Mill Steakhouse.... advice/reviews on either of those?