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Jun 11, 2008 09:54 AM

Fatburger's Comin' Ta Columbia!!


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  1. Former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Orlando Brown will open Maryland's first Fatburger hamburger joint in August at a franchise location in Columbia.

    The new restaurant, in the Columbia Gateway shopping center, will be one of five Brown plans to open in Maryland. His franchise expects to open five additional Fatburgers around Washington, with a first location planned near Howard University, executives with the Santa Monica, Calif.-based chain said.

    1. Jealous! I actually can't stand the Five Guys burger, but Iove love love Fatburger.

      1. SO excited. As a former Angeleno, I used to be a dedicated Fatburger consumer. I noticed, however, that there were discrepancies in the quality of the onion rings from one LA location to another. No one quite did them as well as the folks on the corner of Vermont and Hollywood. Kinda makes my mouth water thinking about it.

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        1. re: nbritton

          There are always differences between branches of the same fast food brand no matter how closely the mothership attempts to control them. There are differences between McDonald's, differences (lots, around here) between Popeye's, differences between Five Guys, differences between Fatburgers.

          It's just another restaurant. Some will like it, some won't. I've not fallen love with the few Fatburgers that I've had in the LA area, but when we get one within 15 minutes of where I live (Falls Church) I'll give the local version a try. 'Til then, I'll stick with 5 Guys, or Big Buns if I want a completely different but equally good hamburger experience.

          1. re: MikeR

            If you're in Falls Church, you should be giving Elevation Burger a try (if you haven't already). Fries done in olive oil and a much healthier and less indigestion-inducing alternative to Five Guys.

            Elevation Burger
            442 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA

            1. re: kzzaaa

              In my opinion Big Buns is better than Elevation Burger.

              1. re: kzzaaa

                I ate at Elevation Burger several times over their first six months or so. I really wanted to like the place since it was both a local operation and health-conscious, but it just wasn't the hamburger experience that I was after. The patties are thin so it's hard to cook them lighter than medium-well, but because the fancy meat they use is leaner than most burger places, it doesn't have any juiciness. I don't want a burger that drips down my chin, but I want something between a dry taste in my mouth and an oil-soaked bun.

                The fries at Elevation must be an acquired taste and may require more cooking skill than their basic training provides. Sometimes they've come out hot and crisp, other times, hot and limp (I've exchanged those for a fresh batch that's almost always better). But because of the way they cut the potatoes (thin shoestrings) they cool off very quickly. An order is pretty large and before I get 1/3 through it, even a "good" batch isn't very appetizing.

                It's also fairly expensive for a burger-and-fries lunch. LIke at 5 Guys, eating with someone else and sharing a single small order of fries is plenty and easier on the wallet, but I usually eat lunch alone and it comes dangerously close to $7. So for my once-a-month burger splurge, I'll usually hit 5 Guys, and for a special treat, Big Buns. I don't necessarily like Big Buns more than 5 Guys (I don't eat at either frequently enough to have developed a strong preference) but BB does make thicker patties so they can be a bit rarer. I've never had Big Buns fries, so I can't compare those. Most 5 Guys have free parking, something that Big Buns does not.

                1. re: MikeR

                  Where is Big Buns? Never heard of it.

                  1. re: bakagaijin

                    Big Buns is in one of those courtyards between office building in Ballston, on the Wilson Blvd side of the point where Wilson Boulevard and Glebe Road come together. The address is on Wilson Blvd, but you can't see it from Wilson.

           for a map and menu

          2. If only it were In-n-Out burgers!

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            1. re: tartuffe

              I completely agree -- In n Out is one of the few chain/franchise burgers I enjoy.

              What's so good about a 'Fatburger'? It sounds like just another chain to me.

              1. re: tartuffe

                It would be fantastic if In-N-Out comes here in MD. Growing up in SoCal, Fatburger was okay, but In-N-Out is the sacred cow. I like mine '3x3 with onions' (off the menu and mentioned verbally), with the shakes, and the really good dry french fries.

                Also, if Tommy's ever makes it here, it would be burger nirvana!

              2. La~la~la! I posted not too long ago looking for a decent burger in Columbia. This will be added to the short list when I'm out that way visiting family. I've heard so much about it, can't wait to try it! Thanks for the heads up, bakagaijin!

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                1. re: diablo

                  Fatburger is very good but I don't think it approaches either In-n-Out or most Five Guys (they've become very inconsistent). Elevation Burger was a favorite of mine when it first opened but the last few visits have been VERY disappointing. Each time I visit an In-n-Out I find it's consistency all the more remarkable.

                  1. re: Joe H

                    In my year on Socal, I was never an In and Out kind of person. I find their burgers too thin and often made from grills in need of more cleaning. I haev always like Fat Bruger better. We used to go to Fat urger at 8pm ever week before Hill Street Blues came on the tube for a quick dinner followed by an ice cream next door. Our weekly foray into Hollywood coincided with a transgendered group therapy's break time making for a very colorful and interesting set of dining companions.

                    Of course nothing even approaches a Cassal's burger (I hope they are still there). But even Cassal's can't comepete with itself when old Mr Cassal was there every day back at the original 6th Street location with the outdoor patio. I will welcome Fatburger.