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Creole Tomato Festival/NoLa Seafood Festival

My husband and i will be in New Orleans this weekend for our 7th visit. We usually go to JazzFest but couldn't this year and we've always wanted to experience New Orleans when there isn't something big going on. I expect the feel of the city will be very different, and we're looking forward to that.

The Zydeco Festival is what compelled us to choose this weekend and I see that these 2 food festivals are happening too. I've read somewhere that restaurants feature Creole tomatoes around this time. Does anyone have opinions about the wonderfulness of these famed tomatoes?


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  1. There are no tomatoes that compare to creoles. I'm not kidding. If you ever see Liuzza Farms grape creole tomatoes at the grocery buy them, they are like candy. The creole tomato fest is this weekend. Too bad you won't be here for that.

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      Creoles are the greatest. I prefer Johnny Becnel's tomatoes...must be the Plaquemines' terroir.
      the fest is this weekend:

      for music and chef line-up:

    2. They are meatier than regular tomatoes, have considerably less gelatinous matter and are very flavorful.

      1. The good news is that the Creoles are safe to eat.

        1. I've read in ads (mostly in the Gambit) that the Seafood/Tomato/Zydeco festivals will also feature the reopening of the farmer's market at the French Market.

          Does anyone know if the farmer's market will be on the same scale as it was pre-K?

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            Looks like the original space only revamped..

          2. they are good tomatoes - no doubt about it - and you'll be able to sample some great creative dishes offered by some of the best cooks in the city

            the best part is they'll be fesitval sized servings/prices so you'll be able to try many items

            the only tomatoes that I prefer are san marzanos and my absolute favorite, the Jersey tomato

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              .chef, You're absolutely right about the Jersey tomatoes. I bring them back from my dad's garden. Creoles are good but can't compare to these.

            2. This is exciting since we are coming in tomorrow. What does it mean when a particular chef is 'featured' for 45 minutes? Does that mean that their food is going to be served only during that time? Or something else? Looks like a good time and I'll certainly be there.

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                Pre-K we had the opportunity to see Chef Horst from Bella Luna make crabcakes. The chef comes out, does a cooking demo, passes out samples of his dish and interacts with the crowd. It's fun. Last year we watched from a distance while enjoying fresh squeezed lemonade. If you see those stands get some lemonade. It's fantastic.

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                  There will be food booths at the Seafood Festival as well as cooking demos. The booths will be up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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                    Gotta say, those Creole tomatoes were mighty fine. Couldn't get enough...had them at the Festival (with shrimp remoulade and fried green), along with some other taste treats, like the bbq oysters from Red Fish, and had them in some restaurants we tried. All in all, the Seafood/Zydeco/Tomato Festivals were wonderful. Lots of incredible music, great vibes, great food, more locals than visitors (unlike JazzFest) and relatively nice weather (showers to cool everyone off). We thoroughly enjoyed it. Every time we go, it's a little bit of heaven on a dinner (paper or otherwise) plate! Had some incredible meals at Brigtsen's (crab encrusted redfish with tarragon sauce), Dick and Jenny's (seared scallops and the gumbo my husband loves) and at Herbsaint. And had one of the best (notice, I said one of the best...don't want to start a po-boy war) shrimp po-boys at the Dry Dock Cafe in Algiers Point. I love your city!

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                      thanks for coming! the dry dock is not on mosts' radar. it is just a great ferry ride w/ terrific views away...nice to read you enjoyed it.

                2. I am from Northern CA, a native, but for many years have been in LOVE with NOLA. My friend and her husband moved there and she started working on me to think about a move. First question from me, Yeah, but how about the tomatoes... well I got introduced to the Creoles and FELL IN LOVE!!! Meaty, not watery and they keep well. First festival I went to, I brought home 19 pounds in my suitcase, carry on and in a box. To share with friends... right... ate every one! And we have wonderful tomatoes here, but these are firmer, less acidic and more flavorful. (Sorry CA Tomatoes...)

                  Have a GREAT trip!

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                    i'm sure they did have a great trip, the thread was from last year