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Jun 11, 2008 09:30 AM

Chowhound worthy stops Hwy 62 (Belleville to Alongquin Park)

We are heading to my husband's family cottage next weekend, we normally go via Peterborough (Hwy 28) but we need to drop something off in Stirling (just north of Belleville) so we will be taking Hwy 62 all the way north. Anyone know of any good chow stops in Belleville, Stirling, Madoc, Bancroft , etc? Would also love mention of any great spots to pick up butter tarts or any great baking along the way. Thanks in advance for your tips.

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  1. Stirling is a wonderful little town to stop in Check out Platters (on the main drag) for a nice lunch, in an older house furnished with antiques. Its got a great front patio also.
    I wouldnt recommend driving southeast to go to Belleville, that is not on your way north really

    1. Just one highway over on 37 is Maple Dale Cheese my favourite cheese outlet. If your not in a hurry you could cut back to 62 on the Moira Road.

      Maple Dale Cheese
      Hwy 37
      Plainfield, ON K0K 2V0
      (613) 477-2454

      Stirling Creamery for yummy whey butter.

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        Might be better off stopping at Ivanhoe Cheese Factory on Hwy 62 in the town of Ivanhoe, since they have a long trip up to Algonquin
        As for butter tarts and serious baked goods, check out the Big Apple right on the 401 at Colborne exit (There is a large plaster apple there, you cant miss it)

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          I second all of Gwenchick's suggetions. This is the area I grew up in and although these are not typical 'chow worthy' suggestions they are wonderful rural places with nice people and good service. Enjoy the area. If you need a big breakfast for cheap stop in Springbrook (Between Stirling and Marmora) The old bowling alley is a restaurant and it doesn't get more down home then there. Just beware if you get up to refill your coffee cup it is proper to fill up everyone elses while you are up!

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          Stirling Creamery is a must. But you can get their products at most grocery stores in the area.

        3. There is a little store in Maynooth, Algonquin Country Store, it has fresh baked goods and coffees, teas, etc. They also have art and other goods. It is worth stopping there for a moment. They did have fairly good butter tarts last Summer when I stopped in. :)

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            they still do! i just finished eating one that i brought back from that maynooth store on tuesday :)

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              That's super to know! We go up to Algonquin through Maynooth every year and are usually hankering for something by then! THANKS!

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                Delicious milkshakes and curds etc. at Ivanhoe Cheese Factory, another cheese factory further north at Elderado (north of Madoc). Speaking of Madoc we used to love what we called the Madoc Dairy just south of Hwy. 7. Eat in or take out fried chicken and wedge fries. Yum, good memories.