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Jun 11, 2008 09:15 AM

Italian around Union Square?

I'm looking for a good, moderately priced Italian place within a few blocks of Union Sq. for a pre-movie dinner this Friday night. We've got a fussy eater with us who only eats pizza and pasta and I'm looking for a casual, sit down place that can fit 3 walk-ins on a Friday evening. Any recs would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Perhaps Gradisca. It's on West 13th Street and offers solid food.

    1. i love gradisca but i don't know if it fits what hecate is looking for. there is basta pasta, giorgio's & patsys. paul and jimmys is also good.

      1. Paul and Jimmy's off Irving...Family favorite.

            1. Pasta at Johns near 2nd and 12th is tasty.