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Italian around Union Square?

I'm looking for a good, moderately priced Italian place within a few blocks of Union Sq. for a pre-movie dinner this Friday night. We've got a fussy eater with us who only eats pizza and pasta and I'm looking for a casual, sit down place that can fit 3 walk-ins on a Friday evening. Any recs would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Perhaps Gradisca. It's on West 13th Street and offers solid food.

    1. i love gradisca but i don't know if it fits what hecate is looking for. there is basta pasta, giorgio's & patsys. paul and jimmys is also good.

      1. Paul and Jimmy's off Irving...Family favorite.

            1. Pasta at Johns near 2nd and 12th is tasty.

              1. Check out Luzzo in the East Village. It's on 1st Ave and 11th

                Such good classic thin crust coal-fired pizza!


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                    I'd go for Via Emilia. It's cash only

                  2. Thanks for all the great recommendations. You guys rock. Final choice may come down to time and location.