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Jun 11, 2008 09:15 AM

Fun lunch for a working slob on rt 1 in Norwood

Anyone know of a good fun lunch for a working slob on rt 1 in Norwood??

The brown bags/stop&shop salad bar trips are getting old and I haven't found much besides run-of-the mill sub shops (with the exception of the Good Food store in Walpole--always satisfying!)

Anything mexican, vietnamese, sushi, something with cilantro (i've been on a real kick recently), middle eastern, jamaiican. anything good/different, fun but reasonable within an hour lunch break (perhaps a little longer on fridays hehe)?

no panera bread/d'angelos need apply... ;)


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  1. Well, it is unfortunate that Jaipur cafe closed as they had excellent indian food...I have heard that the place that replaced it isn't as good (but I haven't tried it so I shouldn't comment). Angela's Coal Fired Pizza looks like it has some intersting sandwiches for lunch...their pizza is also good...

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      Unless they opened a second location, the only Angela's Coal-Fired Pizza I know of is on Route 1 --- but in Saugus. If becklegere goes there for lunch from Norwood he/she might get fired!

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        Gosh you are right...where is my head today?

    2. Mint Cafe in Norwood Center. Outstanding!!

      1. Not a very "different" choice but Conrad's in Norwood Center has awesome BBQ steak and pork tips. I have also heard the chicken parm is pretty solid as well.

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          You can get an amazing chicken(shwarma style) roll up at Cedar's Middle Eastern market on Cottage Street. Great spread, really tasty tomato paste/chili spread(kind of harissa like), herb marinated onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato and lightly toasted on the griddle press for about $4.50. Also they will lemon juice and pickle your lahmejeun(sp?) for you to go if you tell them you are eating it then. You can sit across the street in the small park on a bench and eat. Next door you could get a Lewis burger at Lewis', a really tasty burger with a twist. I recommend both highly.

          There is no need to eat anything at all from Conrad's. Nothing at all.

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            I think Cedar's put in a little countertop at the window so you can stand there and eat. Their falafel is really good, and they've got some awesome mixed nuts you can buy in the market section. Ditto xperteater's comment above on Mint Cafe. The basil fried rice with chicken (extra spicy) makes my heart happy.

            1. re: Wursthof

              Do you care to tell us what you had at Conrad's that was so terrible? Was it bad service? This way we all know what/why to avoid on future visits.

              My buddy works across the street so I am there once or twice a month and have never been let down by the BBQ tips.

          2. I like Siam Lotus for Thai.

            1. Sabb's Market right on Rt 1 in Norwood by the Staples has $5 Shawarma (meat - lamb and beef I think and chicken) They also have a nice selection of Lebanese sandwiches, lamajune (sp) and Kibeh and I can't forget the fatoush (my favorite). They are a market and have a sandwich counter and a full dessert counter. There is also a refrigerated section that has traditional Lebanese meals prepared (lentils and rice and others). Whenever I go there I also pick up a pound of olives to snack on too.