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Jun 11, 2008 09:14 AM

Nebo IL To Alton IL............

Headed from MS to St. Louis then to Nebo IL for some hunting this fall. Route goes across river at Alton then to Nebo. Anything decent food along this route. Probably better get full in SL on the way up and then back. Thamks.

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  1. Stop at Fast Eddie's in Alton...great bar and really tasty burgers/wings. The boast coldest beer in town.

    1. The drive along the river road is wonderful. Elsah Landing in the village of Elsah, on the Mississippi, does mostly pies (good) and soups (okay). In the town of Grafton are several spots. The local signature dish is fish sandwiches, usually boneless buffalo (that's a fish, not the mammal, for those outside the area) that's served on white bread with mustard and a slice of onion. There are some new places right on the river, but i mostly know the Finn Inn, on the side of the highway away from the river, just north of downtown. There's an immense aquarium and booths that look into it, fun if you've got kids along. Good blackberry cobbler, too. Farther north towards Nebo you're pretty much looking at taverns that serve fish sandwiches and burgers. Are you going to the snazzy joint up there or do you have friends to stay with? Would be interested in hearing about the Lodge, if that's your destination.

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        My parents took us for drives up the River Road as kid and a stop at the Finn Inn was always included. First time I ate turtle soup was there.....I have great memories of that place!

      2. This will require a ferry ride, but the Wittmond Hotel in Brussels Illinois has been serving a set menu family-style for over a hundred years. Definitely worth a ferry ride to eat there; the same meal is served for lunch and for dinner.

        1. Wow, never thought I would see the words "Nebo, IL" on a chowhound query. Not sure if it is open to non-guests, but the Heartland Lodge might be an option:

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            That's where I'm headed hunting this fall. I was looking for something between Nebo and SL in case someone gets tired and hungry.

          2. I too will weigh in on the Wittmond Hotel. There are a variety of decent chow spots up river from there but it is kinda ...ya gotta be in the right spot at the right time. That being said, I would also recommend the lodge at Pere Marquette SP. An old CCC's major cool and the chow is very good. A very tasty brunch on sundays too I might add.