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Jun 11, 2008 09:14 AM

Broadway QFC Seafood Department

So I was doing some general home shopping and also a couple groceries, so the easiest place to do this was the QFC on Broadway. I don't usually go to QFC, as I shop at farmer's markets and Asian markets.

I decided to take a quick stroll by the seafood department, just in case something looked delicous. The oysters and clams were ALL open. The oysters in water, in tanks, shells agape. The clams were on ice, under glass, all open.

Is this not really gross? Am I missing something? Shouldn't all bivalves be clamped up? Is the QFC really that bad at seafood?

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  1. Dagoose, Ever since Kroger bought QFC it's been all downhill. (Hence the closings of multiple QFC's.) It's a classic example of bean counters ruining a winning formula to make an extra 2% while ruining the business entirely.

    1. One of the anti-chow ironies of my young life was that the fish section of the QFC in Ballard (home of the fishing fleet, dontcha know) had BAD fish. Stinky, dull-eyed, really horrible. And now they are owned by Kroger of Ohio, and I gotta believe that's not likely to improve anything.