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Jun 11, 2008 09:10 AM

SEA - Father's Day lunch spot

I am trying to come up with the perfect spot to take my dad for lunch on father's day. He will not be impressed by chic or fancy places, but would appreciate good food, and maybe a nice view of the water (the closer he can be to boats, the better). He's your basic meat and potato loving guy. My veg-aquarium (no meat, but will eat fish) sister will also be joining us. I'm looking for someplace that meets these requirements:

1) open on Sundays for lunch
2) relatively inexpensive (average entree price for lunch cannot exceed $20)
3) has at least a few fish or no meat options

If it could meet these requirements, I'd be even happier:

1) downtown
2) water view

Any suggestions?

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  1. I was gonna take my dad to Eastlake Bar and Grill. (our dads sound similar)
    They have a brunch buffet thing, but I'm pretty sure you can order lunch-y stuff at that time too.

    1. Duke's Chowderhouse at Alki would meet the water view part. It's across from the beach. The Lake Union location has a view of Lake Union and is closer to downtown. Informal and the is always a little better than I expect it to be. It has a range from about 11 - 20 dollars and as you would expect lot's of seafood options. Burgers are great, cedar planked king salmon is very good and the crab and prawn louie is also great.

      1. There's Maggie Bluffs at the Elliott Bay Marina. It has great views of downtown and the bar-style food is pretty reasonably priced.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, there are some good options here!

          1. Fisherman's Terminal has Chinook's. It's got water-view (with working boats, no less), a menu required by lease to afford a fistful of truly affordable dishes to the fisherfolk to whom they owe their success - expect respect of meat-and-potatoes, along with situationally appropriate representation of fresh fish . It's not downtown, but it's still very much in town, just south of the canal, below the Ballard bridge. Off a little to the West (along Gilman Way, I think), you will get to a lovely Natural History bookstore - Flora and Fauna Books, 3121 West Government Way. There, you are at the doorstep of Discovery Park, an oddball civic absorption of old military property, U.S. Army's Fort Lawton, in perpetual transition, but fun, and intensely scenic. FYI, Magnolia Bluff is here. The ship's log attests that Captain Vancouver mistook the bloom of Arbutus Menziesii (Madrona) on that hillside for the Magnolia and the name survives. Arbutus, though suffering urban blight, is in evidence all around, with stalwarts diligent to its preservation.

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              Mr. Nelso, you are a veritable fount of local history and lore. Mille grazie!