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Jun 11, 2008 08:32 AM

Bombay Palace or other Indian around Dupont?

Has anyone tried Bombay Palace on K Street? I can't find much on here. Is there another Indian place (not vegetarian) you could recommend around here? We are trying to stay walking distance from the farragut west metro for dinner tomorrow evening.

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  1. I've never been to Bombay Palace. Although I did go to Bombay Club many years ago and remember it being quite good (although at the time it was one of the best and nicest restaurants in DC...this was 10+ years ago).

    One of my favorite Indian Restaurants is Heritage in Dupont. They have lots of options both vegetarian and meat. They have this incredible creamed-like spinach with corn that I'm semi-addicted to. It has a bit of a kick and is great. Also for the budget concious they have a great Hawker's Zone menu which is filled with Indian street food and is quite cheap. It's more or less right across the street from the Dupont Metro and probably a 15-20 or so minute walk from Farragut West.

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      Thanks Elyssa! The other restaurant I was thinking about was Heritage so your review is appreciated!

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        I second Heritage. Excellent food and service and the atmosphere is nice as well.

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          One more recommendation for Heritage. Elyssa, you are always the Heritage source... Do they still have the half off happy hour Hawker menu?

      2. Bombay Palace has closed. There's a place called Aroma on I street between 19th and 20th. It's not great, certainly not as good as Heritage in Dupont.

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          The owners of Aroma was sold the restraunt earlier this year, and the place is now Skyy. Same food and same (slow) service...

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            That is untrue there is still an Aroma on Eye St. between 19th and 20th, it is the same as the one in Shirlington. Skyy is in a different location close by but on the opposite side of the street.

            I like Bombay Club (same owners as Rasika), but it is close to my office and has a nice relaxing upscale ambiance, without the huge pricetag.

        2. Bombay Palace on K Street closed about two months ago. Bombay Club and Heritage India are both good alternatives in your location.

          1. I would recommend Heritage. I did restaurant week DC with Bombay Club last year and I was very disappointed.

            1. Heritage is too fussy for my taste. I would recommend Nirvana on K Street. Note that it's vegetarian.