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Jun 11, 2008 07:59 AM

Anything like Sam Woo in the Southbay/LAX area?

Looking for a place where I can buy char siu by the pound, roasted duck, etc... Also anyplace for bao would be nice, currently going to Saigon Market in Lawndale for these which are pretty good. TIA.

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  1. Haven't been to Saigon Market in years. Didn't know they sold Chinese BBQ things. The only other place that sells stuff like that which comes to mind is Hong Kong Bakery in Carson located on Carson and Vermont Avenues. They also have a limited selection of dim sum too. I've heard that A-1 BBQ on PCH in Lomita has a limited selection of char siu and roast pork but have never been there. Friends have told me that they're kind of rude and never went back. Just some FYI info.

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      I meant to say I currently get bao from Saigon Market, you are correct there are no chinese groceries/deli there. Thanks for the info on A-1 BBQ and Hong Kong Bakery.

    2. You make me dream. You make me cry. You make me wish the Metro Green Line kept going until it hit Monterey Park.

      There is nothing like Sam Woo in the South Bay - the 99 Ranch Market on Artesia fulfills everyday needs, but roast duck by the pound? Nope. Saigon Market has an eclectic variety of Vietnamese and Latino groceries, but it's no Sam Woo. There are lots of Korean markets, like the World Market in Torrance, but no Chinese grocery/delis.

      1. When I have a craving for char sui baos, I order them from Wacky Wok on Washington in Venice/Marina del Rey (3 large ones for $5). They are pretty good and they curb the craving. They also have steamed shrimp dumplings which are only okay but again they curb the craving. WW has char sui on their menu but I have never ordered it.

        Hop Li has roast duck on it's menu but I have not had anything from this restaurant.