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Jun 11, 2008 07:59 AM

A restaurant recommendation I can't really come up with

An email from a friend —

my brother is graduating from highschool tomorrow, and I'm trying to think of a fun, interesting restaurant to go to with the family + grandmothers tomorrow evening, preferably (obviously), downtown (manhattan)

any ideas?? someplace that could fit about 8 people at a table, and would take reservations, credit cards, and grandmothers, and still be fun ...

I know you guys are up for challenges !

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  1. You could try: Otto, The Smith, Rosa Mexicano Union Square, Landmarc

    1. Crispo
      Chow Bar

      1. Buddakan. As long as everyone likes "Chinese food", they'll love the food here. The space is large and impressive, the prices aren't too over-the-top (we don't have any indication of budget needs, however), and the seating is comfortable. I think it could be fun for anyone, not just the grad. Only caveat: the room is a bit dark. I wouldn't recommend it for those with vision problems.
        If Buddakan is too exotic, I would suggest somewhere like Balthazar, or for Italian, maybe Otto, as per LB's suggestion.

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          This friend of mine has a fairly moneyed family.

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