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Jun 11, 2008 07:49 AM

Chowish finds in Yardley/Morrisville area?

Hi friends,
What is chowish in the Yardley/Morrisville area? Places to avoid?
Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I have not been to thsi place but it got good reviews and it's BYOB.


    It's in Newtown, very, very close to Yardley.

    1. I have had great luck with a BBQ place in morrisville called Porky's. Its in the shopping centre. Kick ass ribs and pulled pork.
      Avoid Continental Tavern in Yardley. Horrid food and a burger and fries are $14.00+.
      Yardley Inn is always a pleasure as well as the redone steak place across the street from YI.

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      1. Cafe Antonio in Morrisville is a good BYOB Italian place. Fairly upscale atmosphere but reasonably priced and fresh ingredients.

        1. You may have to cross the river, not that far. We just had a nice dinner at Erini, on River Road(Route 29) near Washington Crossing. Excellent Mediterranean food. There is good Southern Italian food around, at Revere, in the same area as Erini, and in the Chambersburg section of Trenton (the Burg) - Marsilio's and Amici Milano are still around and reliable. I agree with Dave123 about Yardley, and other than Rouget, Newtown is a wasteland. Think about heading towards New Hope, Lambertville and beyond.

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            We live outside of Newtown and really love Duck Sauce, right in the borough. We haven't tried Rouget yet, but Craig LaBan gave it such a rave review last week, that we'll be dining there soon.

            Another fave in Lower Makefield is Villa Rosa in the shopping center where McCaffery's supermarket is. It has a glorified pizza parlor atmosphere, but wonderful Italian food. (We've never actually ordered their pizza). There are always about 8 specials of the day on the menu and they have been consistantly good, plus it's dirt cheap. Everything comes with soup or salad. One night (I think Monday) is all you can eat mussels on any type of pasta for around $10.00.

            We had dinner a few nights ago at Yardley Inn and really enjoyed it. They have a great burger and skinny house-cut fries--only $10 in the dining room. I was very surprised. My husband ordered from the 3 course early dinner menu ($19.95 ) and enjoyed his crab cake, caesar salad and flourless chocolate cake.

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              In Newtown I like Duck Sauce for chinese fusion, Siam Cuisine for Thai, Isaac Newtons for burgers and beer, and Piccolo Trattoria for great Italian food.

              In Yardley, I love Yardley Pizza for the pizza, but especially for the cheesesteaks. The rolls are perfect, the cheese is evenly distributed throughout the steak, and the toppings (if you want them) are fresh and tasty - my favorite type is the cheesesteak hoagie - with lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions and mayo.

              And in the Morrisville area, I like RJ's Bagels for bagels and breakfast.

          2. Hey! We live in Yardley and are always looking for a great place to go. It is such a small town, with in opinion very few options. If you like Indian, the Indian Garden is very reasonably priced and has terrific food. We go there often. (It is in the Giant Shopping Center off of Stoney Hill Road.) As someone else mentioned, Yardley Inn is always a safe bet. Nice ambiance and pretty good food.
            If you do end up going to Newtown and like sushi, Oishi is very good. Make reservations though because it does get crowded. Jules Thin Crust is good pizza. And finally the Grotto in Newtown is fun to go to. The food there is eh, not spectacular, but it has a nice bar.

            Happy Eating!

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              I like Moish and Itsy's Jewish Deli in Newtown Shopping Center. Also, I've heard that Christine's is pretty good.