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Chowish finds in Yardley/Morrisville area?

Hi friends,
What is chowish in the Yardley/Morrisville area? Places to avoid?
Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I have not been to thsi place but it got good reviews and it's BYOB.


    It's in Newtown, very, very close to Yardley.

    1. I have had great luck with a BBQ place in morrisville called Porky's. Its in the shopping centre. Kick ass ribs and pulled pork.
      Avoid Continental Tavern in Yardley. Horrid food and a burger and fries are $14.00+.
      Yardley Inn is always a pleasure as well as the redone steak place across the street from YI.

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      1. Cafe Antonio in Morrisville is a good BYOB Italian place. Fairly upscale atmosphere but reasonably priced and fresh ingredients.

        1. You may have to cross the river, not that far. We just had a nice dinner at Erini, on River Road(Route 29) near Washington Crossing. Excellent Mediterranean food. There is good Southern Italian food around, at Revere, in the same area as Erini, and in the Chambersburg section of Trenton (the Burg) - Marsilio's and Amici Milano are still around and reliable. I agree with Dave123 about Yardley, and other than Rouget, Newtown is a wasteland. Think about heading towards New Hope, Lambertville and beyond.

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            We live outside of Newtown and really love Duck Sauce, right in the borough. We haven't tried Rouget yet, but Craig LaBan gave it such a rave review last week, that we'll be dining there soon.

            Another fave in Lower Makefield is Villa Rosa in the shopping center where McCaffery's supermarket is. It has a glorified pizza parlor atmosphere, but wonderful Italian food. (We've never actually ordered their pizza). There are always about 8 specials of the day on the menu and they have been consistantly good, plus it's dirt cheap. Everything comes with soup or salad. One night (I think Monday) is all you can eat mussels on any type of pasta for around $10.00.

            We had dinner a few nights ago at Yardley Inn and really enjoyed it. They have a great burger and skinny house-cut fries--only $10 in the dining room. I was very surprised. My husband ordered from the 3 course early dinner menu ($19.95 ) and enjoyed his crab cake, caesar salad and flourless chocolate cake.

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              In Newtown I like Duck Sauce for chinese fusion, Siam Cuisine for Thai, Isaac Newtons for burgers and beer, and Piccolo Trattoria for great Italian food.

              In Yardley, I love Yardley Pizza for the pizza, but especially for the cheesesteaks. The rolls are perfect, the cheese is evenly distributed throughout the steak, and the toppings (if you want them) are fresh and tasty - my favorite type is the cheesesteak hoagie - with lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions and mayo.

              And in the Morrisville area, I like RJ's Bagels for bagels and breakfast.

          2. Hey! We live in Yardley and are always looking for a great place to go. It is such a small town, with in opinion very few options. If you like Indian, the Indian Garden is very reasonably priced and has terrific food. We go there often. (It is in the Giant Shopping Center off of Stoney Hill Road.) As someone else mentioned, Yardley Inn is always a safe bet. Nice ambiance and pretty good food.
            If you do end up going to Newtown and like sushi, Oishi is very good. Make reservations though because it does get crowded. Jules Thin Crust is good pizza. And finally the Grotto in Newtown is fun to go to. The food there is eh, not spectacular, but it has a nice bar.

            Happy Eating!

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              I like Moish and Itsy's Jewish Deli in Newtown Shopping Center. Also, I've heard that Christine's is pretty good.

            2. I second the Yardley Inn. Nice bar area and a good, all-around menu. I like the selections in the "Tiers of Taste," the crab cake, spinach and ricotta gnudi, and the Yardley burger.

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                I must agree - Duck Sauce is pretty good. Oishi and Otaya really good japanese places but a bit on a pricey side. Otaya now has a hibachi table but if you really want TERRIFIC hibachi venture out to Doylestown and right off 611 there's a magnificent hibachi/sushi place - Ooka. There's one in Willow Grove as well but I'd recommend Doylestown. Reservations are strongly recommended as they get packed! However, if you want a really spectacular asian fusion cusine - venture out to Budakan in Philly - THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

                In Yardley, I also like Vince's Pizzeria - they make very good cheesteak wraps. For pretty good (not phenomenal) pizza, Piccola Tratoria is a decent choice.

                If you really want to try something different - try Uzbekistan in NE philly (about 20 mins from newtown on bustleton ave). They make terrific chicken and lamb kebabs. Cheap too!!! It's mostly a russian hang out but kebabs are to die for. Very informal place, good for that moment when you just crave a killer kebab.

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                  Anything is better than Maninnos. I dont know how they get away with that thin, supportless crust for their pie. It always falls apart when I go to eat it.

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                  A great date place the Yardley Inn. Have had many a good meal there. Just stay away from the Continental Tavern up the road. 2m in renovations and they didnt do anything about the food. I had a date with 2 burgers and 2 drinks. Asked if the fries came with it and got a firm no. $9 for the burger, $5 for the fries. Both were disgusting and it came with attitude. I guess someone has to pay for all those renovations....

                3. Indian Garden has a decent buffet. No heat but some good flavors. Haven't ordered off their menu yet. Desi Village in Langhorne is sometimes excellent. Aside from those we go further afield or even to Philly for ethnic. Not enough competition here for anyone to really shine.

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                    I thought India Garden's buffet was just ok. Good price at $7-$8 per person, but the food was a little bland, and there wasn't much of a selection. I haven't ordered off the menu yet - but since the buffet was just ok, I'm not sure I'm going to.

                    If you just are in the mood for Indian food, and you want to stay in the area, it's not bad. But if you spend a little more money and are willing to drive just a little more, Food Castle has a great buffet in Bensalem, and Palace of Asia in Lawrenceville, NJ is fantastic as well. Both are about 15-20 min from Yardley (maybe Palace is closer to 20 min and food castle closer to 15), and are more expensive (about $13 per person), but they have a large selection and the dishes are much tastier.

                  2. I totally agree with Duck Sauce. one of our favorites. For Indian try Cafe Bombay on Mill Street, Bristol. My neighbor introduced us there and he says it's better than some Indian food he has had in NY.

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                      no offense to your neighbor but there's plenty of bad, mediocre as well as great Indian food in NY, so that's kind of a weird recommendation. That being said I'm curious to try Cafe Bombay since they have a few interesting dishes on their menu - rather than the usual "best of" - such as Chicken Xacutti and Crab Goa.

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                        Well, I guess everyone deserves at least a second date, but Cafe Bombay's food wasn't exciting at all. We went with a friend from Kerala (their cook is from Kerala) and he was not impressed either.

                    2. I tried Rouget today for lunch in Newtown, having read the LeBan review and generally liking what he likes. It was a strange experience, but not all bad.
                      First, main menu was "deli style" lunch standards (sandwiches, salads etc.). Hmmm...no sign of those great midweek dishes reviewed which are evidently only for evenings.
                      Anyway, we were also offered a Prix Fixe menu. OK that was better. It was not too exciting though. But if done well, plain food can be great. 3 starters, 3 entrees and a few desserts.
                      I went for Caesar Salad on the promise from the server that there was anchovy in the dressing. I was told there was. It came in a small bowl. Leaves were tasty and fresh but the dressing was mediocre. I could not taste anchovy. I asked for bread. I got one slice on a small plate - toasted! Quite bizarre. Mind you, the bread was flavorful and not your average restaurant roll.
                      I then opted for the beef entree. It was VERY GOOD. A cheap cut of beef with plenty of gelatin that had been softened perfectly (presumably through hours of cooking). Snow peas and carrots cooked perfectly. Nice horseradish sauce on the top. Again, it was very good.
                      Then dessert. I was immediately drawn to the last one on the list. "Cream Tea", which is a scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream and a cup of tea. Wonderful. I asked whether it was really clotted cream. Server said "well it's not the original, but it's our version done here". Fair enough, we're not in Devon or Cornwall so it can't be the original. MAN, what a disappointment. It was cream from a can, I'm quite sure. It was disgusting. The scone was so-so (no raisins and very dense), and the jam was...well it was strawberry jam so can't go wrong there. I challenged the server and asked why it's billed as clotted cream when it's no such thing, and not even an effort at clotted cream. She got embarrassed so I left it alone.
                      The tea was EXCELLENT though. Very good tea bags - the long ones like you get in Germany with (I suspect) actual tea leaves in it and not the dust that you get in most teabags you get here.

                      On the strength of the entree I would give it a shot for dinner. But as far as lunch is concerned - caveat emptor!

                      1. Erini in Ewing, NJ just accross the river from Yardley was a mixed experience. We had dinner with another couple, looking forward to trying the former Diamond's restaurant. The restaurnat is up on a hill with a driveway to get up to the lot. Plenty of well lit parking in what is basically a residential area just above the Delaware River. Unfortunatly, there was a wedding party hooping it up in the banquet portion of the restaurant and with all the spill over huddled around outside the door smoking (including the bride herself) I was all but ready to turn around and leave. Fortunatly, the dining room was on the other side of the building beyond earshot of the partiers. We were promptly greeted and seated in a large, lovely dining room with a roaring fireplace.

                        I loved the comfortable high backed chairs and large linen covered tables. Our waiter was very professional and gracious as he gently interrupted our pre-dinner conversation to inquire about drinks and ultimately dinner specials to consider. The menu was well rounded and comprehensive with many tantalizing choices with perhaps a Mediterranean to Greek bias. The wine list too was impressive. We ordered a Shiraz which our waiter professionally served while discussing the specials. He was knowlegable and quite helpful. The a la carte salads we ordered were served in very large bowls with an abundance of greens and toppings and we enjoyed everything .....until the food arrived entirely prematurely. Suddenly, it was time to put our salad bowls aside and make room for entrees.

                        I must say the pork tenderloin with a sweet mango chutney glaze was excellent. It came with hare covert, hot perfectly cooked and buttered, mashed sweet potatos which to me is the perfect accompaniment to pork tenderloin. My wife's salmon was perfectly cooked and the portions were certainly plentiful. Unfortunatly, our servers committed the cardinal sin of waiting; that is removing the diner's dishes before everyone (namely me) was through eating. It was inexusable and each of us acknowleged it. Coffee was individually served in a silver service and my wife's creme brulee was sweet, creamy and melt in your mouth delicious with a wonderful glisteny sugar crust.

                        Somehow, I felt that the rush to turn over the tables overshadowed what should have been a very comfortable, delicious and satisfying experience. That said, I would certainly go back to give it another try.

                        1. for mid-priced meals, #1 in yardley is beet carpaccio at the continental tavern (i also like their pulled pork sliders, but the place is always loud). also, chicken gyro at canal st grille, sushi and thai shrimp soup at charming garden (kohl's shopping center), and anything at moish and itzy's. take the long way home and stop for ice cream at sweet pea in newtown.

                          1. If you're hankering for Chinese/Japanese, try the Charming Garden in the Kohl's shopping center off Big Oak Road. Not much atmosphere, although not terrible by any means. But both the Chinese and Japanese dishes are fresh hot and delicious. Their sushi is also fresh and excellent, lots of special rolls. I'm fairly sure it's a BYOB.