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Jun 11, 2008 07:47 AM

Spots for Breakfast in Manchester, CT?

Anyone have any good suggestions?

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  1. Manchester's Main Street has a ton of good places. My personal favorite is Brass Key, on the corner of Purnell. Very yummy. It's basic food, no goat cheese and caviar omelettes, but that kinda nonsense isn't my taste anyway. Want a good western or turkey club omelette, it's your go-to place. They serve breakfast till closing as well.

    Cafe on Main and Landmark Cafe (it's carbon copy clone restaurant) are both pretty bad. Overpriced for the area and not that good. The Landmark cooks tend to congregate on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes and look like they just got out of prison, very classy.

    Sinnamon shop is down the hill a bit on Oak Street, and while it's OK food, the pricing is rather high. Quality is perhaps a little worse than Brass Key, but portions are smaller and last I checked, prices higher.

    Other options people seem to like are Sunny Side Up, and Fani's Kitchen, both a bit down Main Street towards 384.

    Guido's Carhop on Broad Street makes an OK bacon cheese dog for lunch, but skip the breakfast. The cook there never met an egg he didn't overcook.

    There are many other places for breakfast in Manchester, it's the promised land for breakfast junkies like me, I just haven't tried them all yet. I think Shady Glen serves breakfast, but I don't like their burgers so never tried it..

    Good luck, and report back if you find anything good!!

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    1. re: ratbuddy

      The best place for b- fast in town is Pastrami on Wry. (They also own Catsup and Mustard). Shady Glen is decent. Brass Key kind of typical. Cafe on Main has been closed for a while, soon to reopen as Mulberry Street Pizza's sit down iteration. Landmark is played out. A few years ago I had a few breakfasts at Chez Ben which was kind of a greasy spoon, but had some interesting breakfast dishes w a French Canadian flare.

      1. re: thos

        A coworker raves about the Cosmic Omelette on Hartford Road. Drive in from Glastonbury to go there. Not a fancy place but very good.

        Ratbuddy - I have to ask - you don't like Shady glen's burgers??? What's with that? You are the only one that I have ever heard say that. It has been voted the best cheeseburger in the state. Now granted it is not gormet but for a basic burger, it far exceeds what you would find a similar restaurants. Jay

        1. re: JayCT

          I like the cheese and bun, the meat itself really turns me off though. It's ground coarse but then packed very tight, giving it the texture of a McDonalds sausage patty. Not much beefy flavor either. I think the cheese gimmick is great, and would like the burgers much better if they used better quality meat. I do enjoy their bacon cheese dog, but Guido's makes a better one. Neither compare to Five Guys version though..

          They do have good ice cream..

          edit: Oh yeah, Shady Glen also charges way too much for the burgers. For the quality, you'd expect them to be about $2.00 or so.

          1. re: ratbuddy

            Ratbuddy - I hate to tell you this but the quality of the meat in Shady Glen's burgers are the same as that in an upscale restaurant. My inlaw's know the supplier and they are the same meat that is used by the more expensive places, it is just a thinner patty that is more dense. It is a lot better than say Friendly's and certainly better than a fast-food burger. Plus I do not agree that it is too expensive. It is about the same price as found at Friendly's so I do not agree with you about price since it is much better quality. JMHO, Jay

            1. re: JayCT

              We'll have to agree to disagree. I haven't tried a Friendly's patty in about 15 years, but last time I had one, it was better than Shady Glen's. Five Guys manages to serve a tasty double cheeseburger for the price of a so-so single at SG, although with 2 smaller patties. At more expensive places, I expect a loosely packed and coarsely ground patty. Shady Glen has half of the equation right, perhaps they just need to handle their meat less.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                You both allude to the "style" of cooking the meat. I think the looser pack is in vogue right now and I'm along for the ride. SG is not bad by any means, they just suffer by comparison. There are just more places to get a good burger now.

            2. re: ratbuddy

              Ratbuddy, et al, THE place to try a cheeseburger that will knock you off your barstool is the Sportman's Cafe on Spruce Street in Manchester. It's just a little dive, it's a bar dominated by pool tables and sports on a few TVs, but the food is superb for a very little kitchen with a limited menu. We go back every few months for Bloody Marys and burgers on Sundays for a nice treat.

            3. re: JayCT

              I may be in the minority, but I went to Cosmic Omelet after a coworker recommended it, and was unimpressed. It was okay, but I've had better elsewhere. As I recall, omelet ingredients were mixed into the eggs, rather than being folded into the center, which is my personal preference. The coffee service seemed a little odd. You pay for one of three sizes of coffee cup, get a paper cup, and are allowed a single refill. It's fine if you don't mind paper, want to pay less if you don't drink as much as some, and would like to take your refill to go. I'd rather drink from a real mug (less waste) and have it topped off as needed.

              1. re: moskey

                cosmic omlette should get some lights and spend some money in some decent chairs and tables...if you are paying full price for a meal it ought not feel klike you are eating in a place decorated from a tag sale.

                Sinnamon shop has great pancakes...only thing i like...Joe is getting old...get a new awning...

                shady glen cheeseburgers suffer from the thin patty syndrome...i swear they used to be thicker...but the cheese is still killer...I had a good breakfast there.

                I ate at Pastrami Wry for breakfast...they need an exhaust fan and need to clean upo the floor and tables...getting the used look.

                Mulberry St is building a bar that supposedly will blow away anything seen to date in Manchester

                Reins makes a good fried egg on a hard rioll with bacon and cheese...if you are headed to boston

                Annies out on the silver lane is consistent

                Sunny Side up could be good if they spruced up a bit...very loyal clientel

                1. re: sodagirl

                  Don't go to Cosmic Omlette within a 1/2 hour of closing. I made that mistake. I'm halfway through the meal when some clown starts to mop right next to me . This was still a full fifteen minutes before closing time. Meanwhile, half the staff is moaning outloud because they coundn't leave. They were literally forcing me out. What a bunch of brats. A place with just a smidge of class doesn't do that. I won't be returning.

              2. re: JayCT

                I'm the only other person who doesn't like the Shady Glen cheeseburgers; I just don't like the burned cheese [where it is grilled] - yes I am considered an alien by all my friends and family. Thats ok, I compensate by going cukoo for the Shady Glen Almond Joy ice cream!!

                1. re: chaos37

                  There's many who don't like them, it's just that fans of the place tend to be more vocal :)

          2. I have heard that Emerald's Eatery 1735 Ellington Rd, South Windsor 860-648-2113 is a great place for breakfast. Haven't been there yet. Has anyone been? They have homemade corned beef hash - a must for a good breakfast joint.