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Jun 11, 2008 07:42 AM

Atlanta visit in August


Im a fellow Hounder from Boston coming to Atlanta in August to meet up with three girlfriends for a reunion of sorts.

Can you guys give me some recommendations for reasonably priced, great food, restaurants that we can try out? We havent been all together in 6 years so Im hoping for places that wont mind some lingering.

We are also considering one really nice meal- is there a spot that just cant be missed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all!

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  1. The Atlanta restaurant scene is huge. We can be more help if you narrow it down. For example where will you be staying and how far are you willing to drive/cab it? Are there any particular types of food you seek or want to avoid? Do you plan to visit specific attractions and seek restaraunts nearby?

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      Sorry about that- we are staying in my friends condo right in down town Atlanta...the section of the city escapes me- but I feel as though its about 12 blocks or so from the Aquarium. We are open to different types of activities- nothing is planned except to NOT go to the Aquarium- so if you have any suggestions on that as well- they are welcome!

    2. Not to miss restaurant would be Bacchanalia, or Restaurant Eugene.
      Other good restaurants would be Woodfire Grill, Floataway Cafe, Aria, Anis Cafe and Bistro.
      For mexican Taqueria de los Hermanos.
      Hope you have a great time!

      1. La Tavola in Virginia-Highland serves excellent northern Italian and is a great place to linger. The Bar at Trois, 14th and Peachtree, has cool "private" booths, could be good place to get your (expensive) drink on. Restaurant Eugene is great and is very condusive to lingering. Floataway Cafe is the less expensive but equally as top quality sister to Bacchanalia (best in town IMHO). Cakes and Ale in Decatur has been getting good reviews for its Southern pub food. Aria is an excellent suggestion as in Anis (not to be sexist, but a perfect 'chic place.'). You might also like French American Bistro downtown.

        1. Will you guys have a car or will you have to take cabs or MARTA (public transit)? My girlfriends and I meet out a lot, so I will definitely have some suggestions, but I'll try to narrow it down to spots that are easily accessible, based on your primary mode of transport. Do you like hole-in-the-wall spots? Sushi? Shopping? Mani/pedis?

          1. I'll second Bacchanalia for the 'splurge' dinner of your visit. Take a cab and enjoy the wine pairings. Was there last year and enjoyed it thoroughly! A must.