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Jun 11, 2008 06:57 AM

Harshest Bruni review yet, that I've read

Review of Ago in NYC from today's NY Times:

My favorite quote: "And no pig should perish for a pork chop as dry as one at Ago."

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  1. this was one of those reviews that you just tell everyone to read themselves because it contains too many good quotes to repeat them all.

    i, for one, am not at all surprised that bruni hated it. while i haven't been to the NYC outpost, i would never waste the time or the money, based on two wholly unmemorable meals at the original location in WEHO. i only returned the second time at the insistence of a visiting star-struck friend who just HAD to eat there because de niro was an owner. [she also dragged me to dolce - i was NOT a happy chowhound that weekend.]

    1. Oh. My. God. I had to stifle myself to not break out laughing while reading this at work! This is classic!

      Re: the Veal Milanese: "The one I had one night was pounded so thin that the breading on top met the breading on the bottom without pausing for much of anything in between. A vegan could have made peace with it."

      And I loved Bruni's two uses of Shelley Winters' swim scene from the "Poseidon Adventure."

      1. The rack-of-lamb veal chop...God, that poor guy. Hilarious.

        1. Scathing start to finish. I especially liked his advice to bring ibuprofin to deal with the noise level.

          Thanks for posting!

          1. I wonder if DeNiro is going to, you know, ask Bruni who he was talking to.

            Love the trashing.