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Jun 11, 2008 06:14 AM

Dog friendly cafes

Besides Freddie's, where may I take my dog along for dinner? Good food would be a plus.

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  1. Blue Dalia Cafe on East 11th is dog-friendly and has good healthy food. Green Mesquite on Barton Springs is also very dog friendly and has really yummy wings.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      Blue Dahlia has quick to become my fav lunch/breakfast spots

      1. I went to's filthy.........i couldn't wait to leave.........dogs panting under running around yelling........The food was not good enough to make me go back. I don't even remember what I had.

        So, I vote this the worst dog friendly case anyone cares.

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        1. re: scoutaustin

          Dog friendly places are the most pleasant when there are only a few dogs.

          1. re: scoutaustin

            I went once. The food was horrible for all of us. The service was pathetic. Never again.

            1. re: scoutaustin

              Hey ScoutAustin, when did you go to Freddie's? Maybe you caught them at a a bad time, because I've always enjoyed my visits there. My friends and I like to stop by Freddie's for a beer and a burger after walking our dogs on the greenbelt or taking them to Barton Springs.

              They have a big outdoor patio, and I've never noticed it being dirtier than anywhere else with a lot of outdoor seating in that style (Shady Grove, for example). Plenty of families, plenty of dogs, everyone having a good time -- there's usually live music, and they even have a place to throw washers. It's exactly what I'd expect from a laidback south austin joint. Maybe you were just looking for something a little more upscale that day?

              1. re: badpxy

                nope, i don't think i caught them at a bad time.......I've been, three times.....I gave it three trys...........and it was definitely dirty. Every time. Dirt everywhere. In my chair.....on my feet. but hey, I suppose if you're into that .....then you've found your spot. ......... Freddies, to me, is more like eating in a dog kennel than at a restaurant. I sware.....isn't the patio just uh....dirt? (yeah...sorta like Polvo's patio is parking lot)

                Now Opal Divines does the dog thing right nice......i'd go there right now if i could.

                Bone appa teet!!!

                1. re: scoutaustin

                  I've got to agree with you. I wasn't so concerned about the dirt as I was the terrible food. If the food had been good I would have overlooked the indifferent service as well as the dirt. But they couldn't even manage to cook a half decent burger.

                2. re: badpxy

                  beer, margaritas, washers, queso

                  Stick to just those and you'll be a happy camper. Venture very far from these and you're bound to be disappointed.

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