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Jun 11, 2008 06:00 AM

Pittsburgh - Saturday 6PM around 8 girls

I moved out of Pittsburgh in 96 and haven't been back much since except for holidays. I am looking for a place either downtown, southside, south hills area for dinner on Saturday night. Its a mini-college reunion for my old roommates. 1 girl is cheap so nothing so expensive and she is not a foodie at all. I don't think the rest of us would care. A place that we can catch up since most of us haven't seen each other since 2001.

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  1. Ibiza on the SouthSide has a great patio where you could ask to be seated. The ambience is great and they have a variety of offerings on the menu. The tapas menu is varied, so I think that the non-foodie in the group would be able to find plenty of options for a meal. They offer several affordable wine flights; I really enjoyed the South American reds the last time I was there. Check out their website:

    1. Is it too late? i'd suggest Tusca in Southside works, not expensive, lots of for girl time. Not a foodie adventure, but lots of dishes to share. Nakama is always ever popular with a group, but hard to hear.