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Jun 11, 2008 05:54 AM

Gaslamp Quarter?


Going to be visiting my best friend in SD next month and was looking for a place with amazing scallops. I've heard much about the wonderful places in the Gaslamp area but soooo many when viewing online. Any suggestions?

A fantastic carrot cake or bread pudding would rock too:)

Thanks in advance!


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  1. If you must dine in the Gaslamp, then try "Oceanaire Seafood Room", which has the best seafood downtown. Another good selection in that area is "Chive". Otherwise, venture into other SD communities. A fun restaurant with great food (deserts included) and wonderful scenery is "C-Level" by the airport. Enjoy!

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    1. re: ginael

      Is the Gaslamp too touristy? I am totally willing to go elsewhere for better quality food but have heard so much about this section of SD.

      Thanks for the tip!


      1. re: Trojanbabe

        do a search on the board for "Gaslamp" or "Gaslight" (as it is misnamed on the board), per the suggestions for 1st time posters (see the moderators post at the top of the board). You will have all the answers to your questions.

        1. re: Trojanbabe

          Yes, the Gaslamp primarily caters to tourists. Many of the restaurants are overpriced. There are definitely good places to dine there, but if you want a true SD experience, you may want to checkout communities like South Park, North Park, University Heights.

      2. A few suggestions for the Gaslamp area -
        Red Pearl Kitchen
        Oceanaire (dining room is v. pricey, but they have a great oyster bar)
        Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel
        Cafe Chloe
        JSix in the Solamar Hotel

        For carrot cake - just up Broadway at the foot of Golden Hill is a little coffee house called Influx that makes an incredible carrot cake cupcake as well as nice salads and sandwiches - and free wifi!

        If you're not stuck with the Gaslamp area (many are b/c its near the convention center) there are also good restaurants in the North Park/Hillcrest/South Park area, and in La Jolla - and lots of good ethnic choices in City Heights, Clairemont and Logan Heights.

        1. I've always been happy with the way McCormick and Schmick's prepares my scallops (they are located in the Omni Hotel). I order the Seafood Pasta (garlic cream sauce) and have them add 1 or 2 dry pack scallops on top. Divine!

          House of Blues has the best Bread Pudding that we've tried in the Gaslamp (and we've tried it just about everyplace) but their food is hit or miss. King's Fish House (in Mission Valley) also has a great bread pudding.