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Jun 11, 2008 05:42 AM

New places in White Plains

Please give me a quick run down of the new places in White Plains. Looking for excellent food, fun atmosphere (who isn't- right?) . I would love a place we could eat at the bar. We are open to all food types.

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  1. Check out the postings for 42, BLT Steak, Peniche, Melting Pot, Antipasto, Via Q. There are several more, but this is a start and they have all been written about semi-recently on this board.
    Good luck!

    1. I would not call BLT or 42 "Fun". I guess if your looking for a newer place Peniche fits the bill your looking for. Melting pot is.... Well do yourself a favor and stay away.

      1. Definately stay away from Melting Pot. We gave them two tries and the second was worse then the first.
        Try La Bocca on Church Street - fun friendly place and you can eat at the bar comfortably. Peniche, Antipasti (both expensive) but can get good small plates. Asian Temptation.

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        1. re: kaaaassss

          DH is intrigued by Melting can you tell me what's wrong so I can dissuade him?

          1. re: lucyis

            It takes forever for the waiter to explain all the rules. the waiter tells you to cook each piece of food for three minutes but there is no timer and if you don't concentrate on what your doing because you are talking the food is over cooked. also he brings out about 6 sauces for the food and tells you what gets either dipped or cooked in each sauce. the sauces are not labeled so you forget and end up not knowing what goes with what. you can't find a waiter when you need help. the oil in the pot gets dirty and messy. very small portions and not a lot of flavor. there is one pot on each table so everyone has to agree on the same type of cheese or oil or chocolate that the food will be cooked in. there is never enough dipping sauce for the food so you are left with chunks of apple, bread, meat, etc. with no sauce. when you order the cheese you get a big portion of bread chunks and a small portion of apple and carrots, broccoli, etc. and also run out of cheese. very expensive for what you get. frustrating experience. I sent an e-mail to the melting pot regarding my first experience and they were nice enough to send a $25 food coupon to get us to come back. We gave it a second try and again had the same experience. There are more relaxing places to have a much better meal.

              1. re: dolores

                Yeah, not really. Maybe I'd go just for the dessert fondue on some special occasion. They sound amazingly decedent. I have never been a fan of going to a restaurant, and then cooking my own food. (Koren BBQ or this concept).

                1. re: momof3

                  don't even bother with the desert fondue. fruit pieces are small and frozen and the chocolate never really gets hot. more like a melted chocolate bar you leave in the sun

              2. re: kaaaassss

                I went to The Melting Pot at a different location in NJ a few years back and thought it was ok, but the price was a little high for the food they serve. I agree with you that the oil for deep frying gets really messy at the end and they gave us small portions of meat but a lot of potatoes / bread, etc to fill us up. I remember coming out of the restaurant smelling like French Fries because of the oil they use to deep dry. Is the oily smell pretty strong at the White Plains location?

                1. re: bearmi

                  You do come out of the white plains location smelling like french fries and you are also hungry because of the small portions. So many other good choices in eating in white plains and more to be opening the next couple of months. I really wanted to like the melting pot. that is why we went twice.

                  1. re: kaaaassss

                    I see. Thanks for letting me know. Guess I won't be going any time soon... haha.

          2. I think Peniche is the best choice for you. Fun, modern setting, delicious tapas, and only slightly pricey/moderate. Great drinks (try the sour cherry cocktail!) The pork sliders and the chorizo are my favorite.

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            1. re: jeanki

              Pork sliders are yummy, Potatos Bravas, Gambas Piri Piri, Bistoque..... I can go on and on about what to get, Some reviews above state Peniche is expensive, We get a bunch of different plates (Like 6-8 depending on hubby :) ) and leave full and pay the same if not less then going to normal serving restaurant.

              1. re: TheMiZzLe

                i agree, i dont think Peniche is that pricey, and the drinks are actually downright bargain priced at Peniche! cocktails for $7, beer drafts for $3

                1. re: jeanki

                  InTown, my bible for restaurant reviews, lists dinner for two at Peniche at $100., without tax, tips or drinks. Even at another $14. for two drinks, I find $114.+ a lot of money.

                  I expect when I try this place to leave completely full, since $114.+ is a hefty bill.

                  1. re: dolores

                    when we went there we spent a great deal less than that. We had a blast. The service was great as was the Spanish Cava we drank all night. It is definitely worth trying. Dolores, they had valet parking as well.

                    1. re: momof3

                      Yes, but they charge for bread, momof3. That's a final jeopardy deal breaker for me.

                      I can get the best tapas in the tristate area at La Paella in Norwalk, not pay for parking after a certain hour, and not pay for bread. Also, the sangria there is delish.

                      1. re: dolores

                        the original poster was asking for a place in WP not Norwalk which is aways away. you also dont have to pay for parking in WP after a certain hour as well.

                        i am not personally a huge bread fan so i dont mind the lack of free bread when everything else tastes great. that being said, i understand some people view it as a staple (I get pissed when i have to pay for rice), but that would not be a deal breaker for me either. I am more concerned about the quality of the food itself relative to the price and the setting. I paid around $40/person including tax and tip and drink and several tapas which I found reasonable.

                        1. re: jeanki

                          I haven't been to Peniche, but I have been meaning to go. We had our wedding dinner at Trotters, so I have a fondness for the location and Goncalves' food. But I do have to say that the fact that they charge for bread at Peniche is a slight turn-off to me. And I'm not even a bread eater! It's just that many tapas dishes tend to have such yummy, olive oily, garlicky sauce on the bottom of the plate that you really do want some bread so you can scoop up every last drop. So I see their not providing even a slice or two of free bread as unnecessarily stingy.

                          It's a minor thing and it certainly won't stop me from going. Also, making the long drive to Norwalk so as not to have to pay for bread seems counterproductive, given gas prices today.

                          1. re: Shawn

                            unfortunately they've raised the drink prices now at Peniche, more in line with everywhere else. I also wasn't as impressed with the food execution on a recent visit, my favorite sliders were dry and tough, and their restaurant sign is messed up. Are they on a downhill alert? I hope not.

            2. There is also Prophecy, the former Coughlan's, on South Broadway, which now serves a reasonably priced luncheon menu...and Elements on Mamaroneck Ave. that offers a surprising new American menu in a bi-level modern atmosphere.

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              1. re: gutreactions

                I could tolerate the deficiencies of The Melting Pot if it weren't for the fact that the whole thing is a 3-hour proposition. I agree that the best game plan is to skip the main course and just go for the cheese fondue to start and the dessert fondue. They will gladly bring you more "dippers" without an attitude.

                I also agree that Peniche fits the bill, good food and fun. It's easy to start a conversation with your neighbors over sangria (red or white!). Love those pork sliders and the skirt steak and the flaming chorizo, and a dozen other things. Just wish the place was open on Sundays.

                1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                  Elements on Mamaroneck Avenue has a surprisingly good menu and a big bar that you can eat at.

                  1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                    I like the Melting Pot - I find it sort of fun, although it is expensive. (Sometimes my husband gets gift cards for there through his credit card reward points, so that helps.) I agree with DSD that the cheese fondue and dessert are probably the more enjoyable part of the meal, although I do rather like the curry dip, and they usually offer to bring more things to dip with the cheese & dessert courses. I don't think you really need to follow exactly what goes with what. Trying different foods with different sauces works for me.

                    1. re: shellyesq

                      We had to leave before our food even came b/c the smell was so overwhelming in there. It stunk like feet! The manager even said he knew exactly what we meant.