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Jun 11, 2008 05:25 AM

Al Fresco on the Water betw New Haven and Mystic

I thought I would send a phish out here and see if I can get an inventory of places to eat outside, on the water this summer on the Shoreline East in Connecticut.....

I have been to a few here and there.....mostly around Old Saybrook, Noank and Stonington - -but it occurs to me that I have seen buried in threads here and there over a period of time -- some gems and pearls from alot of different folks


I thought a Thead with a good inventory list would be helpful for all of us!


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  1. The Dock and Dine in Old Saybrook is decent, though I'd say there are better seafood places in the general area (Noah's in Stonington, for example). Dock and Dine has a large outdoor dining area along the mouth of the Connecticut River, with great views of the water and surrounding landscape.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      The Saybrook Point Inn and Spa is supposed to be good, too.

    2. Abbotts , Noank (classic, byob)
      Aqua, Clinton
      The Wharf, Madison (ok food, great view)
      Lenny's Indian Head, Branford (salt marsh, not open water)
      The Place, Guilford (not on the water, outdoors with stumps for seats, byob, unique)
      Guilford Mooring, Guilford
      Bill's Seafood, Westbrook

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        You've listed just about every place I would. I really like the food at Guilford Mooring and Bill's Seafood. When I went to The Wharf a few years ago the food wasn't anything to rave about, but I think they have new management and a new chef, recent review in Fri Wkend New Haven Register. Dockside in Branford has marina view. Nellie Green's, also marina (opposite side from Dockside). I've heard of Boom - I think in Westbrook and have wondered how their food is.

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          Boom is great. It's at Pilot's Point Marina in Westbrook. There is a west facing porch, very nice for lunch or dinner. It's above the main channel through the marina so there is often a boat parade to watch. It can get cool with a sea breeze. And the food is great-lots of fish, vegetarian options...I like it all. Reservations are a good idea. We'll go for Father's Day brunch.

      2. Aqua in Clinton Harbor marina has a great view and great food with outdoor dinning and giant picture windows for indoor dinning. The Angel hair Aglia Olio is not to be missed.

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          Skippers Dock, Stonington... great for sunset!

        2. Kitchen Little for GREAT breakfast in Mystic

          1. I started this similar topic a short while back:

            All that was discussed on that thread and this thread (so far) is listed here:
            Thanks to everyone for the input that has made a lot of the entries possible!

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            1. re: Scargod

              Awesome job on the maps Scargod!

              THANKS !

              1. re: Scargod

                See my review of Dock and Dine. We enjoyed the view but you pay a lot for it with high prices and mediocre food.