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Jun 11, 2008 05:16 AM

Need Reco for New, Notable but Reasonable

Hi All

Anyone been to a new, undiscovered restaurant which you enjoyed but didn't have to break the bank to go to? I'd like to try a new place with my boyfriend this weekend, but the new places I'm hearing about (Bar Milano, Elleteria, Bar Q, Lomito, etc.) are getting so-so review and have rather high prices. I'm not looking for a dive or takeout place, but rather just one of those good finds. We eat all kinds of cusine and will travel to any part of Manhattan. In the recent past, we've enjoyed Kefi, Mia Dona, Cafecito, Aquagrill, etc. Also, I keep up with the foodie scene so I've probably been to much of the classics and old standbys - thus please just newer suggestions. Thanks!!!!

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  1. Some on my list to try based on favorable reviews are Bar Blanc, Dell'anime (, and Momofuku Ko. I'm also curious about Sheridan Square and Scarpetta.
    Of the newbies, I've been to Bar Milano and Olana, both of which were good but not good enough for me to run back to. I really liked Ippudo for a ramen fix. I'm going to Benoit on Friday and will try to report back.

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      I love Bar Blanc and Olana, and am going to Scarpetta next week, but if OP considers Bar Milano pricey, I think they are looking for something more moderate than these. Unfortunately I can't think of any great new places that are less expensive.

    2. If you don't mind simple decor and causal (not fancy) dining, you can try Belcourt in EV. It's not mind blowing but I had a few pleasant meals there. It is pretty cheap.