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Jun 11, 2008 04:44 AM

Outdoor Beer Garden at Charlies Kitchen

Last evening, noticed banner touting a beer garden to be built down the driveway in the space where they demo'd the old wooden garages in the back.

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  1. I saw that this weekend, too. I bet red house ain't happy about it, but it would be a nice addition. chimay on tap and outdoor space.

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    1. re: MB fka MB

      My understanding is the Red House owner and Charlie's Kitchen's owner are brothers; and further, that their two kitchens are physically connected in some way. Can anyone else verify this?

      1. re: MB fka MB

        Actually Red House is owned by the same folks who run Charlies (they even share a kitchen), so I doubt they are unhappy.

      2. Can't wait for this welcome outdoor addition to the square. I'm assuming the pressure-treated wood is for "plant growth." Does anyone know if it be standing room only or if tables/chairs will be positioned below as well? What's up with the Red House - new paint job?

        1. Anyone hear anything about when to expect this thing?

          1. hey has anyone been here yet? is it open?

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            1. re: jens05

              Ok, walked by about 7:30 last evening & it was packed, standing room only. Didn't stop cuz was coming from an earlier dinner & drinks.

              1. re: Taralli

                It was packed when we went there recently. There are too few tables for such a large space. The bar stools are terribly uncomfortable -- very tiny (and I do not have an especially big butt) with nowhere to rest your feet.

                1. re: triple creme

                  I agree with triple creme. I went to Charlie's Beer Garden and I also found the bar stools uncomfortable and was surprised at the relatively few tables. I will also add that the service was terrible. Our bartender seemed far more interested in flirting with the boys at the bar than taking drink orders. The table service seemed equally bad. While we were at the bar, several people came up to complain that they were waiting a long time at their tables for service. But, as my friend said: You can't expect great service at a place that charges like $3 for a (really good) lobster roll.

            2. If I had my choice there would be a lot more beer gardens, what a great tradition! Glad to hear that Charlie's now has one.