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What is on your Father's Day menu?

I always have family over on Father's day, about 20 all together..including kids. I seem to always grill up filet mignon steaks and all the usuals. I am just curious, what is everyone else making? (granted, if you are staying home.)

Thanks for you ideas!! :)

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  1. BBQ (Smoked) ribs (spares and baby backs)
    BBQ (Smoked) chicken
    Brats / Hot Links
    Dogs / burgers for the kiddies.
    Usual assortment of salads (slaw / potato)
    Melon ball fruit salad (they should be starting to get good now)
    Probably a chocolate frosted yellow cake (Dad's all time favorite)
    Mom will make a giant tray of her famous caramel swirled triple chocolate brownies (that I invented, and let her claim as her own - our little secret)

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      any chance you would share your brownie recipie?

    2. Reservations. The guest of honor and his offspring are huge sushi fans. That's what he wants, that what he'll get.

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        Center cut pork chops-marinaded in rosemary and mango juice. Bbq'd.

        Stuffed poblanos, grilled cole slaw and lemon meringue pie.

      2. Ribs, coleslaw, beans and coconut cake

        1. Father's Day is also best pal's birthday this year so it is a judicious blend of the faves of both.
          BBQ Pork Ribs or Mock Porchetta from the Zuni Cafe (looks so interesting)
          Maple Ginger Baked Beans
          Paul's World Famous Caesar Salad (Paul is 'Dad' and he loves to make this salad and we love to eat it; what makes it world famous is that he perfected it in Italy where we taught, satisfying the homesick appetites of a group of American/Canadian students)
          Rosemary Cheese Bread
          Strawberry Shortcake with REAL 'short' biscuits, not that angel food junk)
          (everything is sourced locally except the anchovies in the Caesar Salad)

          Putting a candle in the shortcake will make it a birthday feast as well as a Happy Fathers Day Feast!

          1. I ordered those gorgeous lobster rolls from Dean & DeLuca - we've been wanting to try them for over a year, and with the in-laws in town I decided to make the splurge.

            1. Then:
              Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres
              Homemade bread
              Grilled salmon
              Fresh from the garden peas
              Roasted asparagus
              Tossed green salad
              Homemade fresh strawberry shortcake w/real whipped cream.

              Large mixed antipasto
              Fresh Italian breads
              Fresh fruit
              Prosecco throughout.....

              1. It's my hubby's first dad's day (we have a 14 week old at home) so I am starting the day off with creme brulee french toast, bacon and mimosas for breakfast and given that we have his parents coming into town to help us celebrate, we'll likely grill up a tri-tip and whatever veggies I picked up at the farmers market that morning. Oh, and dessert of his choosing.

                1. Thanks everyone...........sounds great!!! I got some wonderful ideas, too!

                  1. 2 inch thick porterhouse steaks
                    baked sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries (haven't decided yet)
                    spinach salad
                    german chocolate cake

                    the steak and the cake are my dad's two favorite things in the entire world

                    1. The usual Father's Day menu....fried catfish, hush puppies (Paul Prudomme recipe) coleslaw, green tomato pickles, and pecan bar cookies and ice cream. Good eats!