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Jun 11, 2008 03:44 AM

What's your hot weather cocktail favorite?

I'm putting together a little gathering in my very hot apartment and need a cocktail that

a)can be mostly prepped ahead of time
b)is served on the rocks, not up
c) can be made in quantity
d)is not gin based

I've done mohitos in the past and, though loved, am looking for something different.

any ideas?

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  1. I'd go for margaritas or mint juelps. Both meet all your criteria and, in my experience, are always crowd pleasers.

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    1. re: sku

      I made a huge batch of mint juleps ahead of time for the Kentucky Derby. It was a nice hot day. And everybody enjoyed them. Of course the traditional Southern version of the mint julep is a muddled drink, but, if you are planning on serving a them rapid fire at a party, a pre-made mix with a mint syrup works best. To make a pitcher of juleps, you will need a handle of Maker's Mark, sugar, water, ice and a whole lot of mint.

      Of and make sure you have a good ice crushing blender. They works best with crushed ice.

      See here for recipe and photos:

    2. Well my immediate response was going to be a Tom Collins, since that is my go-to hot weather drink, but then I hit requirement "d". So, perhaps a Rum or Vodka Collins? You could premix the spirit, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Then simply pour in glasses (approx 3.5 oz) and top with soda. For a Collins I use 4/2/1 spirit/lemon juice/simple syrup.

      Vodka tonics are also quite refreshing in my opinion, although I would again turn to gin first.

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      1. re: ShadowedOne

        Or substitute whiskey and you've got Whiskey Sours with the same collins ingredients. Garnish with an orange and a cherry.

      2. I'm partial to the fruity boozy smoothy - any fruit, ice and rum blended but that doesn't really fit the make ahead. How about lynchberg lemonade?

        1. Highballs are what you need in hot weather. Some that I favor:

          Vodka or bourbon and fresh homemade lemonade
          Moscow Mule -- vodka and good ginger beer with a quarter lemon squeezed into it
          Rye and good ginger ale
          Americano -- Campari, sweet vermouth, soda
          Beton -- Becherovka (a Czech potable bitters) and tonic with a slice of lemon
          Tinto de verano -- a modest Spanish red wine mixed half-and-half lemon/lime soda, ideally something not as sweet as Sprite or 7 Up
          Blanco tequila and Squirt grapefruit soda, kind of like a highball version of a Margarita.
          Mimosa. Fabulous if you use fresh squeezed OJ, not at all worth doing otherwise.

          Moving off the highball reservation:

          Blender drinks. I don't care much for them, but a frozen piƱa colada can be fantastic if you use fresh pineapples instead of canned juice. A mess of prep work, but worth it. Someday I'm going to take this a step further and make my own cream of coconut from fresh coconuts. I won't distill my own rum, however: that's just crazy talk.

          Tiki drinks. I love the original Trader Vic's Mai Tai, which can successfully be done in batches, but making them properly requires an ice shaver (aka Snow Cone machine, one of which I bought just for the purpose of making this drink).

          Punches. These are perfect for summertime crowds, like a nice Sangria. I posted my favorite recipe on the Boston board recently.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            MC Slim- I can't count the number of "Palomas" I drank in Chicago when I was living there. That's what the Chicago area Mexicans call the cocktail made with Cazadores Reposado Tequila and Squirt grapefruit soda, over ice in a highball glass. I loved them! However, I've been unable to find the squirt here in the Boston area- Do you know anywhere that sells it?

              1. re: hill food

                Squirt is hard to find, but I have access to Jarritos Toronja/grapefruit pop (aka the Minnesota term for soda or soft drink). Would that work in a Paloma? It sounds like a great summer drink!


                1. re: hill food

                  No! A diet drink in a cocktail, bleah!

                  I swear i think I've seen Squirt at Market Basket, but a better option would be the Jamaican grapefruit soda Ting, which I buy from the international foods aisle of my local Stop and Shop, in a glass bottle for about 99 cents. (Sometimes it's on sale for less.)

                2. re: phipsi102

                  I think I've seen Squirt (hmm, or maybe it was Lilt) at the British Shoppe on Rte 1 in Peabody. But Hansen's grapefruit soda is easily available at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and often in the "Wild Harvest" section of Shaw's.

              2. If mojitos were a sucess, How about Caipirinhas. Similar, but diffferent. They're a little harder to do in bulk, but i think it's doable. I'd muddle 1/8thed limes and turbinado sugar( about 1 1/2-2 tbsp per lime) in a mixing bowl and add the equivalent of 1 lime and sugar into each glass, fill with ice(crushed is best, but cubes will do) and add about 2 1/2 oz cachaca, and a splash of soda.

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                1. re: chazzerking

                  I second Caipirinhas, but with out the splash of soda.

                  1. re: Faune

                    Yeah, I drink 'em without the soda too, but for a party, unless you want a pile of drunks, it's safer to cut them a little.

                    1. re: chazzerking

                      I read that when you drink alcohol mixed with a carbonated drink you get drunk quicker.

                      "Will some drinks get you drunk faster than others?

                      Mixed drinks that contain carbonated beverages will get you drunk faster than mixed drinks that don't have any carbonation. Example: A "Vodka And Tonic" will get you drunk faster than a "Cape Cod."

                      Note: Carbonation speeds up the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream."

                      (scroll down)

                      1. re: Faune

                        The thing is if you drink the same volume of liquid and one is all cachaca and the other has soda, you'll still get drunk faaster drinking the all cachaca. the differential would be if you drank the same volume of alcohol diluted with the same volume of a non-carbonated mixer, or a carbonated one, you'd get drunk marginally faster on the carbonated one. but not nearly the same difference if it wa straight alcohol