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Jun 11, 2008 03:41 AM

Best Sushi Lincoln Center area-need recs

title says it all-let me know your choicests!

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  1. Sushi-Go-Go (or something like that) is the closest spot. Then there is Masa at Time Warner (have not been myself) and Haru, a bit north of LC, admittedly

    1. Unless you really want to drop the big $ at Masa (Bar Masa is not very good, IMO, and not worth the expense), your best bets for sushi may be to go south to Shimizu or Sushi Den (51st St. near 8th ave and 49th st., near 6th ave, respectively).

      Sushi a Go Go will not poison you, but if probably won't make anyone's top lists.

      1. Gari - it's just a little bit uptown from there.

        But closer by is Bar Masa, it's expensive but the quality is high.

        1. There's also the new-ish Blue Ribbon Sushi in Columbus Circle