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Jun 11, 2008 03:07 AM

Great Meal at Aegean Last Night!

After some shopping at Target in Watertown my wife suggested we go to Aegean for some greek food. I'm glad she did. The food was terrific and portions were huge. Not knowing the portion sizes we ordered both the fried Calamari and Grilled Octupus. Calamari was light and cooked perfectly. Had both the rings tentacles which I love. Octupus came in 5 long pieces grilled perfectly. I ordered the shrimp/scallop shish-ke-bab. One skewer of each with the traditional vegetables. Scallops were huge. Wifey ordered fried scallops which she loved . Both meals came with a choice of rice pilaf/roasted potatoes, green beans and a greek salad. Both meals and a beer $60. Great food and great value. Service was very good and the place was fairly busy for a tuesday night. We both agreed to go the lamb route on our next visit.

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  1. I adore the fried calamari, and the shrimp dish with tomato and feta. Great to see a mention on Chowhound.

    1. I often wondered why I haven't seen the Aegean here on Chowhound more often (and always ask myself why am I not posting about it!). I love the Aegean - never ever had a bad meal or service at either location (Watertown or Framingham). The baked lamb is delish. It is cooked through and there is no pink but I have never found it to be dry. The shank is one of the best shanks I have ever had and relatively inexpensive when compared to most restaurants 10 miles east of here. And the roasted lemon potatoes are to die for. I had the pastitsio for lunch one day and it was the best pastitsio I ever had. And they have a dessert there that sometimes runs out early in the evening. Not sure how to spell it but phonetically it is galaktaboureko. Never had anything like it. It is a sweet custard in phyllo crust with sweet syrup poured over it. I've been known to order several pieces of this to go. I have to get there soon....and that gift certificate I got for Christmas is still on my dresser begging to be used.

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        Aegean is an old fave of mine from when I worked on Western Ave in Brighton. I seem to remember their having great lunch specials - included salad, roasted potatos (I could eat just those for lunch) and an entree - I often got the stuffed grape leaves (stuffed with meat as an entree, not just rice.)

      2. I recall the lamb rib appetizer being spectacular and good value . Everything else was ok-good but huge portions at a good price. It was packed the couple of times we were there.

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          This place is great, I often go there when I visit my aunt who lives nearby. Never had a bad meal there

        2. All these rave reviews... might have to try it again.

          I've eaten there 2-3 times and the food always ranged from forgettable to really bad.