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Jun 11, 2008 12:23 AM

Bay Area resident spending July in Ottawa

Except for a few places in Barrhaven, I haven't eaten out in Ottawa for ages.

What's new and not to be missed?

I'm particularly interested in Japanese, Indian, Italian, seafood and regional dining. I'm not a huge meat person, so steakhouses aren't at the top of my list.

It would be great if at least some recomendations don't break the bank:-)

Many thanks.

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  1. As an aside, I would think Bay Area would be better for seafood than Ottawa.

    Higher end places:
    Les Fougeres (

    The last one is "across the river" in Chelsea. About 1/2 hour drive.

    For regional:
    Not regional, per se, but Ottawa has a large lebanese population. Some of the best shawarmas you can have are to be found. One place I really enjoy is called Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau St.) for a chicken shawarma
    SOunds like you're spending the whole you should get some poutine. One of the best places in the region is called "pataterie hulloise" located at 311 Saint-Joseph Blv. (phone: 778-1659). Have a poutine, which is french fries, cheese curds and gravy and a "steame" which is steamed hot dog and have it topped with "choucroute"

    This chowhound board has very little on Ottawa...check for more local info.

    1. This board is rather Toronto-centric, so I just wanted to suggest if you're looking for more Ottawa specific information to go check out Ottawa Foodies at It's an excellent resource for all things related to food in the Ottawa area.

      1. In the West-end of Ottawa a great little resto. and not expensive (you can bring a bottle of wine) is Cafe Mio on Wellington St near Island Park. The food is very good. This, for us is a drop-in neighborhood place. A favourite, with very good food and value is Allium on Holland Avenue between Wellington and Scott St.

        1. Okay, so it's a carnivore place and it's not normally an exciting food, but I recommend The Works Burger Bistro. There are several places in the city, I like their sweet potato fries and I really like their burgers... which you can have cooked as done (or not done) as you want.

          Also The French Baker in the Market area (a few doors down from Domus) has some great Chocolatines and other French breads/pastries.

            1. re: cbepicure

              I agree, Les Fougeres (, is a must!! Beautiful spot with great food.