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Jun 10, 2008 10:15 PM

Benicia -- what's to eat?

I'm going to be in Benicia on a Saturday night. Dinner suggestions? I like everything except Indian food and steak houses, pretty much. Prefer ethnic/weird/funky to fancy, usually.

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  1. Sala Thai is great, and fun setting too if you sit up front in the recessed pits (for lack of better description), pretty cheap too.

    807 1st St
    Benicia, CA 94510
    (707) 745-4331

    1. Petals has elegant asian-fusion food. It's just up the street from Sala Thai.
      The First Street Cafe and the Union Hotel offer high quality "continental" cooking, and Capt'n Blyther's offers mediocre seafood with a great view. Matsuri sushi is very good; its entrance is on the side of a building so look carefully. Sahara offers nicely flavored middle eastern food.
      All these places are on First Str.
      Here's an earlier thread:

      1. I like Hula Hut over on Colombus Pkwy. Hawaiian and Filipino food. Hawaiian hula interior. Nice spread of dishes to choose from. Ethnic and funky(?). Food's good. Check them out on their website before deciding.

        Hula Hut
        2032 Colombus Parkway
        Benicia, CA 94510
        (707) 748-7889

        1. Petal's has closed.
          Cliff's Pleasant View burger joint closed on Halloween.
          Mi Mexico closed and is now an Indian restaurant
          The Union Hotel restaurant is still good but suffering from lack of attention since the owner took over the Liberty Hotel in Pittsburg and has been spending his time there.

          1. Please see my post about LuccaFR - stylish, excellent food, sl rough service.