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Jun 10, 2008 09:52 PM

EuroTrip is delish!!

Yay!! FInally an innovative, delicious treat in South Slope that comes with a killer menu. My boyfriend and I are moving into South Slope and we discovered this amazing restaurant on 5th Avenue and 19th street for brunch on Sunday. Imagine for $14 you can get an omelette with carmelized fennel, toped with black caviar and a Bloody Mary to boot, insane! Matt was our server/bartender, he was informative, fun, and created a wonderful experience for us. Our brunch was in front of us after two sips of my Mary. This new restaurant is definitely a treasure yet to be discovered with a menu full of scrumptuous unique flavors!

667 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My husband and I were there two weeks ago for lunch. We really liked it there too. They had a great special their Hungarian Sandwich and a pint for $10. It was awesome. They also have a desert version which we dared not to try for fear of exploding.

      1. I whole-heartedly agree with you, Martini-- The brunch at Euro Trip was a totally amazing, and totally surprising, experience. We had gone there before for dinner, which is also good... But then again, that's sort of what you expect an Eastern European place to excel at (giant, cold beer, delicious, hot sausage).

        The brunch, though... Wow. At first I was a bit dismayed not to see a pancake option (besides the Belgian waffle, the menu appears, at first glance, to be mainly eggs and other savory dishes). But, luckily, I spotted an incredible gem hiding in the 'eggs' section: A breakfast-style Langos (I was told it's a sort of Hungarian flat bread), which was covered in fresh banana slices, a bit of whipped cream, and sat on a thin layer of nutella-like sauce. WOW. If you're craving pan cakes or waffles, you've got to try this thing-- really incredible.

        Also, the next time you're there Martini, you've got to try their other breakfast drinks: The list is really excellent, with some good outside-the-box choices.

        One of the few $14 brunches where you really feel like you're getting your money's worth.

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          i agree - this place is in my neighborhood and we've been there a few times. I haven't had the brunch, but the dinner menu is great - solid Middle/Eastern European roots, but with creative touches. The room is not terribly attractive and there's no outdoor space, those are my main complaints

        2. I dined here with another couple this past Friday night and here are my thoughts.....

          The decor was nice with deep earth tones in the main dining room. The service was attentive as was the nice selection of drinks.

          For the food, I am 50-50 on the cuisine. Here are the negatives...

          Sausage appetizer was dry and did not have enough mustard.....
          Flatbread..was hardly flat. More like a deep fried dough with items on top


          Pork entree was great although I did not like the bread like dumplings..
          Pierogies, duck and cauliflower soup were great...

          In the end, I probably will not return for dinner, too many great places abound. i would return for a drink though and pick something off the appetizer menu..

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            Sounds like the "flatbread" is indeed hungarian langos, a delicious fried potato bread that is a hungarian snack food. Langos (when done well) is one of my all-time favorite foods (though i like it plain, not topped with things), but flatbread it ain't.

          2. I agree - the food and staff at Korzo are a complete delight. But what do I have to do to make the owner not sit with me at the bar. He was clearly inebriated, hit on my girlfriend, insulted the chef and waitress several times. The langos is among the best I've ever had, but the owner's rudeness left a bad taste in our mouth.

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            1. re: jack.whitmann

              sorry for your experience, but based on your review of the langos I just have to go back there (I first experienced this place when it was called Eurotrip, and there were no langos as far as I remember).