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Jun 10, 2008 09:40 PM

Take Out Place in Portland, ME?

Hey all

So I have a plan for my boyfriend's birthday coming up in August. I'd like to take him out for a drink at the Top of the east in the eastland hotel (never been, only read about it, any thoughts? If there is another nice place with a good view to grab a drink, let me know too.)

Then I want to go to a place that we could get yummy take out. Or at least food I can order ahead and pick up. He's not a big fan of seafood (I know) aside from salmon, which he loves. I wouldn't mind also just grabbing a bunch of sandwiches, appetizers or pastas. Would like to spend about 30$ (or less, preferably, poor college kids :( ).

Then I'm going to take him and the food to the eastern promenade (I think that's what it's called? Been there once with him...nice walk) and have our dinner there and give him his favourite new zealand beer that we can't seem to find in the states.

Any thoughts? Need help on the take out restaurant suggestions! Whole foods would be easy..but I really don't want to go there.

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  1. If you like Indian, you can't do better than Haggerty's "Brit-Indy" take-out on Forest Avenue (not on the peninsula, but only about a 5 minute drive) and well within your price range. Excellent choices, including very good garlic naan. They get pretty busy, so I'd definitely order ahead.

    1. A good friend of mine owns Buffalo Wings 'n Things on Washington ave. Top notch wings, great sandwiches and highly underrated pizza.

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        Buffalo Wings n Things have good product, but the location is not very good especially at night.................

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          Good point about the location, some scary element there sometimes. She can always have it delivered, but with the gas prices, who knows what deliver charges cost these days?

          1. re: jackbauer

            Since I live in the area I can say it is perfectly safe to go to buffalo wings n' things or North star or Silly's or tu casa late. We walk to them all the time and feel completely safe.

        2. re: jackbauer

          OH! My friend has told me about Wings 'n Things...and I've definitely driven past it before...I've always always wanted to try it. Glad you recommended it, I will try to go there. Should I call ahead and order (do they do take out?)

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            Just looked up buffalo wings 'n things...and that's not the restaurant that I remember passing adn my friend telling me about. The picture (maybe it's the one in westbrook?) but the one I remember passing by was more like a sports bar...does anyone know of this?? Or perhaps it's the same restaurant.

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              Could be binga's winga's on congress st. Excellent wings.

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                Yeahhhhhh...that's what I was thinking about. and they have poutine! Sorta.

          2. Yeah, the one on the website is the Westbrook location. I have never been to Bingas Wingas (the Portland street location is a nice property but its never been open when I've gone by). My friend always likes to try the competition and says Bingas has pretty good wings but apparently they are breaded, which I hate. If you decide to go to the Cumberland Ave Wings n Things ask for Brian. If you drop my name (Zack) you may even get a discount or a free beer or app. Or you might get thrown out. Probably one or the other.

            1. There are a couple online resources that can help you out:

              Maine Take Out has a list of menus of places that definitely do take out.

              2 Dine In is a delivery service that delivers food from a number of restaurants in the area. It might be nice touch to take your bf to the eastern promenade and have 2 Dine In deliver the food to you there.

              Between these two sites there are a lot of choices (albeit not an exhaustive list of all takeout options). I'd second the recommendation of Haggarty's. I also think the pizza at Bonobo would be a good choice. Duckfat does takeout and is on your way from the Top of the East to the east end.

              There are probably a lot of restaurants that don't advertise that they do take out but would be willing to put something together if you called.

              1. ummmm..i just picke dup wheatberry raspaberry beer, two huge pannini sandwhiches, a cup of gespacho, blueberry cobbler..and some aged cheddar, fresh fruit and great salted braided bread they made that morning for my parents and me to have a picnic on the eastern prom.

                it's one of my favorite places on the old port.

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                  Which place are you speaking of, exactly?