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Jun 10, 2008 09:34 PM

1410 Bier Haus (Cgy): Great pizza, Fruli and pics!

There was a hellhole called The Homestead at 1410 17th Ave SW in Calgary that was gutted and replaced with a very nice pub about three years ago, and that pub is of course 1410 World Bier Haus. It's not exactly a "gastropub" but it has some very good nosh as well as a superb assortment of beers on tap and in bottles- among this is the fantastically addictive strawberry Fruli from Belgium. Having discovered this delight as the dessert "wine pairing" with our recent tasting menu experience at the Chef's Table- and now I find it's almost a literal hop skip and jump from my house. Cool.

Today we decided on pizza for dinner and I was preparing to go to the always-excellent and walking distance away Vogglio when partner said, why not 1410? So I found their menu online and ordered up a Spolumbo's special (w/ sausage natch) and a tandoori chicken. All pizzas are $13 (but only $7.95 in house on Tuesdays- not takeout- which is an absurdly fantastic deal); this is a good price for some very substantial pies. They are thin crust and those are gorgeous crispy crusts flecked with cornmeal. The spolumbo comes with CRUMBLED sausage the way it SHOULD be done; the tandoori is odd, with a sauce of pineapple chutney and topped with some sort of, well, it's sort of a raita. It's good but odd. There are several other choices among which we had the spicey veggie before, excellent. Here are the pizzas, all pretty and fresh:

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  1. I've always enjoyed their food, esp considering it's more pub/bar than restaurant. Only problem is my ears ring after I leave from the TVs/music blaring and people screaming at each other above that to be heard.

    1. Fruli is very good my sister in law craved it all through her pregnancy and made my brother promise to get her some as soon as she got home from the hospital. The sobey's liquor store in Fort Mac carries it so i'm sure you can get it in calgary. Up there you can only buy it by the bottle though.

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        Mmmm Fruili!

        I always get it from Kensington Wine Market.You can only by it by the bottle there as well. I haven't found it in any regular liquor stores here though.

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          I have bought fruili (individual bottles) at Sobey's liquor stores as well as some Liquor Depots.

      2. Is the tandoori pizza vegetarian? I used to eat curry pizzas in Sweden all the time, with curry sauce, pineapple and peanuts (and cheese) and I miss it so much!

        PS - In Sweden, an "American Pizza" is a pizza with all the normal toppings, plus shredded lettuce, sour cream and FRENCH FRIES!

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          It's tandoori chicken, so no, sorry. I should add that it was delicious cold! Maybe better than hot, if that makes any sense. The crust is gorgeous, one of the very best I've had in Calgary, and it holds up beautifully cold. Breakfast of champions.

          One of my former students has informed that Fruli is available at Co-op. It is indeed at Liquor Depot but a visit to the one on 17th (replaced Royal) advises it's "on the water" and they won't have it in for several weeks. Meantime- on the tap at 1410. The stuff is not cheap but oh so good.