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Jun 10, 2008 08:37 PM

Restaurants with conference room? (Below-downtown Montreal)


Any suggestions for restaurants with a separate (i.e. conference) room that can fit ~15 people on a weekly basis?

Our club meets once a week in the evening, and we are interested in finding a conference room, ideally at a restaurant, so that we can dine there afterwards.

I'm looking for suggestions within or near the following area delimiters:
- East of Atwater
- West of University St.
- North of the Lachine Canal
- South of the Ville-Marie expressway
(Any further up, and I think that parking may become an issue. I find that below the Ville-Marie expressway, chances are better that you can find street parking for free.)

Thanks for your recommendations!


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  1. Brasseurs de Montreal (where Guy, William, & Ottawa converge, just north of the canal) has a conference room, but I believe for only 12. Good food, great beer & staff. (I am not affiliated).

    1. If cost isn't a concern, Queue de Cheval has an amazing room upstairs from the main restaurant.. I believe it can seat about 20-30 people for a meeting (in various formations)... the space is pretty cool!
      It's not south of the VM expressway though... sorry!