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Jun 10, 2008 08:12 PM

The Second Floor Bistro Bar - Westin Galleria/Dallas

I had the opportunity to dine in the newest addition to the Westin Galleria tonight. All I can say is........get in while you still can.....I'm thinking it must be mostly a secret, because the food there was AMAZING and the service was just as good.

I ordered the grilled prawns (on a bed of fried green tomato and arugula, with fresh peaches) and while I waited was served a few slices of fresh bread and butter. Olive speckled one of the slices...raisins and nuts another and plain sourdough ended it. The butter was served room temp as it should have been. the bread was warm and favorite was the raisin one...just a small hint of sweetness..YUM

The prawns were delivered. 3 large prawns sat atop fried green tomato and arugula, surrounded by fresh peach slices and a sauce...sweet and smokey at the same time, the taste was amazing.

I'm a simple I ordered a hamburger next....the huge hamburger arrived on a fresh baked roll garnished with onion, thick slices of pickle and lettuce. It came with fries and a salad.....for the $11 price tag, it was a definite deal. I couldn't even finish it! The burger was cooked medium to perfection...seasoned tasted just like the burgers my dad used to slave over on the grill when i was young, but better. haha.

For desert (yes..i had desert..) I ordered a "chocolate bomb"...ok...several different ingredients...a brownie, covered in what tasted like a hazlenut mousse, that covered with a chocolate grenache..then slivers of ghiradelli chocolate on top of that...sided with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a pistachio praline....i licked the plate. Yes i did.

If you didn't know...the place is being overseen by the owners of Bijou, Scott and Gina can certainly tell they've had a hand in this place...from the decor to the food to the service....everything was impressive...oh and they've only been open for about 2 weeks....The grand opening is Thursday....oh and did i mention they serve breakfast, lunch AND dinner?? And have a full bar? Yeah..this will definitely be on my top places to dine. :)

Located on the second floor entrance to the Galleria Mall from the Westin....go..let me know how YOU like it!!!! :)

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  1. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this place? What kind of prices are we talking about? $20 for an entree?

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      Entrees range from upper teens (sandwiches) to $40 (braised short rib). I went when it first opened. The food was generally good with exception of the overcooked salmon (dry dry dry). I wasn't wowed in any way, and I find the whole walk through a mall and a hotel before getting to your $30/plate dinner idea somewhat unappealing.

      1. re: donnaaries

        Yes - the salmon was dry, the braised short ribs were unimpressive, and the tuna in a raw appetizer was of less-than-exemplary quality (although the pairing with watermelon was nice, I thought). At that price, it was not worth going.

        however... I recall that the salad was a very generous portion, and that the dessert (some panna cotta thing) was pretty tasty. In addition, they had some pretty delicious sounding sandwiches on the menu - I can only remember the skate wing sandwich - for closer to $15. Pretty nice fries too. So, I think I would go back again, but for a somewhat upscale lunch rather than for an excessively priced (and unimpressive) dinner.

    2. Had lunch there last week. The free calamari app (thanks, Valet) was flavorless and overcooked. My pal's pork confit sandwich was dry and my skate wing sandwich tasted of....lettuce and tomato.

      What a waste of time. It wasn't even worth driving from the office.

      And the restrooms are on the opposite end of the floor, past all the ball/conference rooms. ugh.

      I will absolutely not return.

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        pork confit was dry? That's just wrong... too bad about the sandwiches.

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          1. I live in New York and travel to Dallas on business frequently. I've been to The Second Floor several times over the last few months and have had nothing but amazing food and unbelievable service. I was even fortunate enough to have the executive chef (I believe his name is Jay), come out and greet my table. I can say I'm pretty picky about my restaurants and this is definitely a favorite. I would highly suggest the potato soup, risotto and the fab pizza's. Not to mention the amazing wine list. I am hoping they will be doing somthing for the up coming restaurant week. Please leave a post if you hear of anything. For those that had a less than postitve review-give it another shot-they have only been open a few months If you want good food-sometimes you have to shell out a few extra bucks-but its SO WORTH IT!