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Jun 10, 2008 07:57 PM


Has anyone notice that WWOZ Mango Freeze is now at Whole Foods. It taste great with out the wait.

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  1. I saw it there and was wondering if they will be carrying it all the time. I used to buy Cao(sp) Bello. When mangoes are on sale I make sorbet. It tastes quite similar to OZ's... 5 mangoes and some sugar/water yields a quart.

    1. Do you remeber when the Mango Freeze first appeared at Jazz Fest 6 years ago? A friend of mine was the original vendor, I remeber taste testing the first batches in his apartment kitchen. He was wildly successful the first year. The next year they wouldn't renew his vendor's liscense and WWOZ began making their own mango freezes.

      Ahhh...the great Mango Freeze conspiracy of 2002...he'll be furious when he hears they're retailing them at WholePaycheck.

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        What happen in 2002 at Jazz Fest with the mango freeze. I remember having at WWOZ 13 years ago at Jazz Fest.

      2. The stuff at Jazz Fest is so much is a Jazz fest unique product....nothing like eating one out there....Last year it tasted a little different...this year it was back to its normal deliciousness!.

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          does anyone have a good Mango Freeze recipe?