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Jun 10, 2008 07:51 PM

Amrhein's no no no no no please God NO

Just moved to South Boston -- we're not snobs and have found a lot to love in our new neighborhood. Still, we feel the need to warn (after two tries -- fool me once...) people against Amrhein's. Anything stuffed (stuffed shrimp, stuffed lobster, stuffed stuff) is plainly poor quality butter and bread crumbs with a modicum of seafood; almost certainly from a can. Went back to have steaks and shrimp cocktail : had the rubberiest , warmest (not from having been boiled), smallest (i.e. > 25 per pound), poorest shrimp known to mankind -- informed (politely) our waitress of the problem with the rubber shrimp. These had been cooked for at least 15 minutes and had the consistency of an innertube. 3 New York strips ordered medium rare were med-well and unexceptional. Waitress still charged for (emphatically decried) shrimp. Left a note stating that "while I always tip 20% for good service (hers was fair --- delivered a pinot blanc instead of a pinot noir) I am tipping 15% for failing to make the kitchen, at very least, apologize for the worst shrimp I had ever eaten" (at $3 a pop). This may be a local watering hole, but it cannot purport to be a restaurant of the least distinction. I will not return.

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  1. Yeah, when I lived there, I didn't get why so many townies loved it so much. I guess it has its legacy.

    1. I've only eaten there once since they remodeled, and that was for lunch, and it was fine. The desserts looked better than the entrees,but I don't do desserts. I would suggest that you just refuse to be served awful food. If the shimp were rubbery, send them back, if the steaks were not cooked as ordered, refuse them. You should never have to pay for mediocraty that has been hyped to be somethng special. The chef may come out waving her cleaver, but stand up for your dining rights.

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        Yeah, and at a local joint in southie your attitude will get you arrested for non-payment or a good beating, or both.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          " I didn't get why so many townies loved it so much"
          Back in the day, before the remodeling job and the urge to get the yuppie crowd in, Amrheins was pretty good for what it was, "a neighborhood joint with reasonable prices".
          I agree wholeheartedly, it sucks now!

      2. I love the open and big bar space, but after eating what I thought was a fried mozzarella ball, but turned out to be a fried raw chicken ball (which I bit into), I will never be back.

        I just want to note that this was probably back in December/Jan?

        1. I thought I read here that poaching the chef from C.F. Donovan's had really improved this kitchen. These posts sure don't support that notion.

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            Have been many times before and after the renovation and have occasionally had a problem with a dish but nothing as pervasive as described here. When we have had a problem they have been very gracious in correcting it. Really surprised about the shrimp because they have always been jumbo and very good --have not had them in about two months though so maybe they have changed.

          2. I've been many times, mostly for drinks, but always end up eating something. It's not bad if you're looking for a cheap bite. This is the kind of place you only order certain things- buffalo tenders, maybe a cup of soup, burger, sandwich or chicken broccoli pasta, pub food. I would never order shrimp cocktail and NY strips, although steak tips have been decent. Being an ex server, don't think leaving a note with reduced tip is appropriate. Ask to speak to a manager. Don't eat the steak if it is over cooked!!!! If the manager was just as flaky as the server, then I'd be upset.

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            1. re: purslane

              I'm with you. We go there for drinks but always end up noshing on something. Have had sit down dinner there a few times inthe past 6 months.

              The food ranges from pretty good to horrible, IMO, with the average being "just ok."

              I'd never recommend it as a dining spot, but it's fine for a bite to sop up the alcohol.