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Jun 10, 2008 07:41 PM

San Diego, stuck downtown for convention

Okay San Diegans. I'm a SF poster going to be stuck downtown for convention for 5 days next week. So what's decent and hopefully interesting downtown or Gaslamp district? Extra points if its open on Monday.

Also extra points for a super good cocktail bar, especially one that can make a proper classic Sazarac.

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  1. Rama's is a great Thai restaurant, right across the street from the convention center on 4th. Very nice ambiance too.

    1. Cafe Chloe for French bistro, Neighborhood for burgers, Basic for the mashed potato and bacon pizza, Royal India, The Field Irish pub, JSix

      1. Ditto on the recommendation for "Cafe Chloe". Their alcohol selection isn't great, but you'll enjoy the aesthetics, service, and food. To satisfy your cocktail craving, you may want to venture into "J Six" in the Solamar hotel.

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          Ocenaire knows how to make a good cocktail and is within walking distance. Some oysters, some bread, you have yourself a meal that any SFer would feel at home with.

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            Lately I have been very disapointed in Oceanaire with both their food and service. So, I wouldn't go for a sit down dinner, but going for happy hour is a good idea.

        2. this is the most frequent post on the board. Do a search for Gaslamp or Gaslight (misnamed on the board) and you'll turn up lots of options.

          1. Quarter Kitchen at the Ivy Hotel for upscale is fantastic. Red Pearl for Fusion is pretty good and it's fun. JSix is worthwhile...kinda, sorta California cuisine...You can also take the trolley and have some fantastic food experiences....Magnolia's off Euclid, Incredible mexican food in Barrio Logan, etc.