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Jun 10, 2008 07:41 PM

Great and open late in MSP

Will be in MSP to ride the Spongebob rollercoaster at MOA. The park closes at 9:30 so looking for someplace open until at least midnight during the week.

Dulcie Mainwaring

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  1. Ok. Well are you looking for something dive-y or upscale? Are you staying near the
    MOA? If a drive and dive-y are OK. I'd go to the Village Wok near the University.

    Village Wok
    610 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

    1. Average, with occasional moments of greatness and very convenient to the MOA is Jun Bo for dim sum. Open until 11pm. I would check ahead, though, as they keep changing their hours. (Sorry, I know 11pm is not midnight, but at least you would only have a short drive to get to the restaurant, which gives you some time advantage).


      1. 112 Eatery.Til midnight M-Thu, til 1am Fri-Sat. Not close to the MOA really, but it is fulfills your "great" qualifier.

        Pho79, Azia, Barbette, Luce Uptown...not great, but open late and closer than downtown to the MOA.

        1. Mandarin Kitchen in Bloomington (Lyndale below 86th) is not too far from MOA and open late every night (midnight or 1 am, I think, depending on the days of the week). Soup noodles and congee/jook (rice porridge) are in fact available only after 9 pm and this is called "siu yeh" (approximately phoneticized here) in Cantonese, meaning late night snacks. I sadly agree with many MSP chowhounds who feel that MK's food has gone down in quality since the renovation-expansion. But, my spouse (American-born Cantonese) and I still go there occasionally when we have late night cravings for comfort food.