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Jun 10, 2008 07:16 PM

Anyone try Porky's BBQ in morrisville PA yet?

I heard some good things about this new place. Good legitimate bbq, low and slow with smoke. I haven't gotten a chance to get there but I am hoping to find a good bbq joint in the area since so many others around here seem to disappoint.

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  1. Did you try Winkler's? There is a post just below.

    1. I tried Porky's, the ribs are good, nice smoky flavor, and the owner and staff are nice people. I did not like the sauce however, much too sweet, and the sides were just OK, bordering on NOT OK. Also I prefer ribs that fall off the bone, but that's just me! I will definitely try Porky's again when I need a BBQ fix, also heard Winckler's is closed in the summer because he does a lot of catering then. Also heard a rumor about a new place opening up somewhere in Hamilton?

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        Yeah, there's a place on White Horse-Mercerville Road relatively close to the circle that's opening up. If you're heading toward Bordentown from Hamilton it comes up on your right. I think it may actually already be open. Carolina-style BBQ, I think. Will definitely be giving it a try!

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          The corner of Milton and Whitehorse, to be exact. Just drove past - it's not open yet, but the signs are out.

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            Heather - Is this the old Monti's bar on the point?

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              Nope. It's the little storefront right across from the point that has been a succession of delis over the years. There is something going at what used to be Monti's though - a remodeling it looks like and a change in ownership maybe? The sign that was up said a tavern was coming soon. Lots of activity at that intersection!

      2. My first experience with Porky's in Morrisville was amazing. The side of mac and cheese was white trash delish! The pulled pork sandwich with the spicy bbq sauce was one of the best that I have ever had. The pork was done just right, perfect ratio of sauce to meat and the roll was excellent. Everything came together perfectly.

        My second try (highly anticipated) was lackluster. Not enough bbq sauce AND the biggest sin...the roll was stale. Not just old...but stale. It was hard and dry, not even the bbq sauce helped. Very disappointing. Barely edible. The dog got most of the roll and I felt badly about giving it to him.

        It was like going to two completely different places. I may try again, ast the first time was excellent. I will however, make sure to ask if the rolls are fresh.

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          I have been there several times and have had a good experience in all 4 occasions. I guess the rolls come and go with the day if they get them in in the morning which I suspect. The people were really friendly and genuinely wanted you to have a good meal, or so It felt. The ribs were not fall off the bone as it shouldn't be but bite off and pull away clean. Sauce was very acceptable and tasty. I know they make the ribs fresh several times a day as I have gone once and they were out but coming out of the smoker soon. I certainly like this place over Winklers and many other joints that try to pass themselves off as bbq. As for that place over near Monte's, do they smoke or is it just another wannabe?

        2. I love porkys. I go there for my lunch at least once a week.

          1. RIBS=A, Service=D. I was passing by one evening; had heard good things, so I stopped for a takeout rack of ribs. Only one customer ahead of me. It took 15 minutes before the girl at the counter even acknowledged I was there! She painstakingly took the prior customer's order, then stood around while the line cook prepared the order and packed it! Only AFTER that customer left, did she acknowledge me, and take my order. The process then repeated itself. All this for a rack of ribs that was already prepared and just needed warming. I felt sorry for the people behind me (one walked out). Management needs to hire a counter person with takeout experience, able to multi-task. For now, I'd recommend calling ahead with a takeout order. Ribs were great, lots of smoky flavor, nice texture.

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              Counter girls are a dime a dozen, coming and going faster than the wind. As long as the food is high quality, I can deal with the occasional ignorant service person. I can imagine how hard it is to keep people in that industry. That one girl they have there Lindsay is good though. Always greets me when I walk in and when I leave. Try that special Filet sandwich they have. Real bang up.