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Jun 10, 2008 07:10 PM

Cork Irish Gin: where?

My dad was an inspired amateur bartender, and took particular care in refining his martini recipe. After a number of years of using Beefeater gin, he changed to Cork Irish Gin, and used it for the rest of his life. He was very enthusiastic about the flavor of Cork Gin.

It's been more than 20 years since his passing, and I have tried to reconstruct some of his favorite potables. I have had zero success in finding Cork Gin in liquor stores or US internet vendors.

Can anybody suggest where I might find the stuff? Or, alternatively, is there a gin expert in the house who can suggest another gin with a flavor closely similar to Cork?

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  1. I was just Googling to find a supplier and found your question. I'm afraid it is bad news (I think).

    There are two Cork gins available - Red Label and Blue Label. Red label is wonderful, Blue label (100% proof US) is divine. Blue label is, I suggest, THE best gin in the world.

    However, the only place I have found either of them is in SOME duty free stores. Bearing in mind the poor choice of brands in most US duty free shops, I suggest you cultivate a friendship with an Irishman who makes regular transatlantic flights.

    Or, you could take an Irish company over and claim regular drinks against tax.

    Or, you could subsidise me to make regular ferry trips from the UK to Ireland, and to post it to you. On Irish ferries, it's difficult to buy anything else.

    I have three fingers left in my last bottle of Blue label. Ho hum..........

    You may care to email Irish Distillers ( ) to get definitive info.

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    1. re: ChowClamder

      I'm delighted to read some confirmation of my dad's judgement; I'm disappointed to learn that it's unobtanium. Sadly, none of the options you've offered are readily available to me, but I'll ponder them and see if I can make one of them work.

      1. re: Tony Miller

        Can't see any way to send you a private message, but I can send you some if you'll cover P&P from Northern Ireland...

        1. re: Steve_K

          Steve_K, I'll gladly take you up on that if we can figure out a way to communicate directly. Can you take PayPal?

          Not sure if email links work on here, but if they do you can contact me at

      2. re: ChowClamder

        Thanks to all for the suggestions. A friend of mine recently returned from Amsterdam to California, and scoured the duty-frees for Cork Gin to no avail.

        I have now emailed Irish Distillers to see if they have any distribution in California these days. Puzzling if they don't, since my dad used to get it at retail in CA circa 1965.

        1. re: ChowClamder

          I am in Cork, and I have been trying to track Blue Label down without success. I remember it from some years ago but a former colleague now working for Pernod-Ricard says none of her colleagues there has ever heard of it.

          If you still have the bottle, could you please do a big favour and take a high-res photo and post it or email it to me?

          1. re: frisket

            Frisket, the Poster, ChowClamder, only posted that one time back in 2008 and never again.

            I am pretty sure they only make the red label nowadays, and have for quite awhile.

            1. re: JMF

              I fear so. If even the people in Midleton haven't heard of it, then Corporate Memory Loss has taken place, and it won't be made again.

              Strange, when companies are always complaining of needing to increase sales, that they won't make the products that would sell...

        2. Cork was served at an Irish pub in Dallas when I lived there, but that was 11 years ago.
          I'll try to remember the name of the place and get back to you.

          1. The Tipperary Inn in Dallas had it at one point, maybe you can contact them and see where they get it. I have friends in Dallas that could probably ship it to you

            1. You can contact Pernod Ricard USA and ask if they distribute it in the US. Not listed on their web brands.


              But I think it's on several UK web distributors sites. google Cork Irish Gin distrbutors and you'll a number of them show up. Not sure if they can send overseas, but they may have connections with vendors here.

              1. Hey Tony,
                Did you ever have any luck finding Cork Gin??
                Trying to get a bottle or 2 here in NY.

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                1. re: Bellman

                  Sadly, no. BevMo doesn't carry it, my attempts to email parent companies drew no response, no luck at all so far.

                  Thanks for asking.