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Jun 10, 2008 07:10 PM

Curry Corner

The Taj Mahal thread reminded me -- the space that used to be the vietnamese deli at he corner of Oak and Carrollton will soon be opening as Curry Corner with "homecooked Indian" food, deli, takeout, etc. It's the same people as Sarah's -- my husband talked to the person at the Curry Corner stand at the Oak St. BBQ festival last Sunday, and they said open in 4 weeks. I'm excited!

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  1. Good news...I just posted about Sara's in the Riverbend and how great their food is at the restaurant. We don't have enough places for Indian fare, so this will be a welcome addition.

    1. This is the best Uptown food news I've heard in a LONG time! Thanks for the tip...can't wait to try it out.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Has anyone been yet? I know it recently opened.

        1. re: AllieHaj

          I didn't know it was open.....gonna check it out very soon.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Phone is 861-9033, closes at 10 pm. Cafeteria style, you pick from the day's offerings. No faxable menu, food changes daily. Today's stuff includes shrimp & okra, thai chicken, chicken masala, lots of vegetarian stuff, etc. Guess I'm getting takeout on the way home tonite...

          2. re: AllieHaj

            We've been 3x-- twice for takeout, ate in once. Everything's been very good, though I'm not an expert on authenticity. No fryer, so no samosas or pakori. No tandoor. Don't bother with the naan, it's out of a bag. The rice pudding is excellent.

            For the $8-10, you get a salad, rice, entree and side of whatever veggie dish they have.

            1. re: JGrey

              went last night for take out. had a shrimp and okra dish, which was very tasty, and the lentil side dish, also good. fyi, the owner/manager told me the food is made at sara's and brought over there.

              1. re: Shiloh

                I got takeout last nite, too---had the mixed veggie curry & the dal w/spinach. Other offerings included a thai green curry eggplant, chana masala (chickpeas), ground beef w/potatoes, chicken masala, the aforementioned shrimp & okra, and a few more I can't recall. The side salad had a nice, light, tangy yogurt dressinig. One plus: big urns of chai at the end of the counter. I hope this spot makes it--we needed some indian takeout in the neighborhood.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  i agree. i'm pulling for them and will continue going. they could use a little interior design work, methinks. talking to the fellow working behind the counter, they're considering this a soft opening. he said they won't be officially open until they get their liquor license, when they'll offer beer and wine. other than that, not sure what changes they'll implement. probably none. it's probably just a technical distinction, aside from the liquor license. nice people and good food.

        2. I tried this out last week. It is like a lunch counter, where there are a few main entrees offered (when I went there was some tandoori chicken, a beef rogan josh and something else I don't remember), which comes with a side dish (I got the lentils, but there was also saag paneer and something else). It comes with rice and a small salad and this is about $8.95; for a $1 extra you can order naan.

          While I, too, am rooting for them, I gotta say that I was not impressed by anything I got. Perhaps it's best if you catch them at lunch, but the rogan josh was overpowered with too much black cardamom, making it impossible to taste anything but, the lentils were a tad on the crunchy side, as was the rice, which seemed like a stale jasmine and brown rice blend due to its consistency. I know the place just opened and I'm willing to give it another try, maybe two...

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          1. re: dreamer76

            I agree. I am rooting for them too, but I was a little disappointed and felt like I could make better curries at home. It still wasn't horrible by any means, and I'd be willing to give it a few more tries.

          2. Went tonight for dinner takeout. They had eight items on the steamtable. We ended up tasting six of those. The bill was around 40 bucks or so with tip. The price was just about the best aspect of the meal. The dishes were just okay - not bad but not good either. Nothing special at all. However, as noted by another poster, the rice pudding is very nice. It's different than all others I've tasted, in that it has ginger and saffron in it. Bottom line, I'll stick with Nirvana even though it's much more expensive. And if I'm near the quarter, Salt n Pepper is good and cheap.

            Has anyone tried both Sarah's and Curry Corner? I know Sarah's cooks the food at CC so should I even bother with Sarah's?

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            1. re: N.O.Food

              I've been a fan of Sara's in the Riverbend for years. Their lemongrass crab bisque is killer, as is the Lamb Oxford. I posted a review here, so check the archives.
              Have not yet visited Curry Corner, so can't venture a comparison.

              1. re: edible complex

                I just checked out Sara's menu. It doesn't look like there's a way to compare Sara's with CC. Sara's is more fusion than CC seems to be. I'm not sure why I've never been, but I look forward to trying it.

            2. absolutely horrible

              as a former resident of New Delhi, I get excited each time I hear of a new indian restaurant opening in New Orleans, given the poor options out there and out the hopes that someone might finally get it right. When I heard about Curry Corner I was hoping that maybe this time the food would actually be palatable. Once again, I was disappointed, probably the most disappointed to date.

              The dal was horrible, but not as bad as the chana masala. But both dishes were horrible. I understand the fast food concept, but there was no excuse for this experience. its not that the lack of authenticity that i found repulsive, there are plenty of meals i have had at indian restaurants in New Orleans that were not authentic, but still tasty. this was just plain disgusting.

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                have you been to the pakistani restaurant "salt and pepper"? i'm curious as to what you think of it. i'm particularly fond of their goat curries (sorry if you're vegetarian!); they supposedly serve only hallal meats. also, i don't know if you travel to baton rouge, but have you been to bay leaf? it's a new indian restaurant and is supposedly owned by people who used to have a restaurant in new orleans pre-katrina. i've been a couple of times and liked everything but their goat curry. the goat wasn't as tender as that at salt and pepper, but the sauce was excellently spiced. (i don't fault them for it because i'm not sure many diners in baton rouge are apt to order goat, whereas i know many people order goat at salt and pepper.) off topic, i'm also impressed with bay leaf because they were very accomodating of my food allergy to wheat; they made sure that nothing i was served was contaminated, which is a plus in my book! :)