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Jun 10, 2008 07:06 PM

Petrozza is the last male standing?


I think the only reason GR keeps keeping Jen is for the "drama". How many times can you lose or mess up and blame someome else. It's never her fault. Always someone else. Can't wait for the episode where she blames GR for her shortcomings.

Did we need 12 bikini models in the episode? Are the ratings that poor?

Jen needs to go. She might be a decent cook, but she's proven to be dishonest over and over again, isn't a team player and can't accept responsibility for her actions - a lethal combination in a kitchen.

Final two for sure should be Corey and Christina.

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  1. Whodathunkit? is right! Considering how he started out (almost getting the boot), it's amazing. But glad General Bobby is gone. Biggest doofus ever.

    Re: bikini models - don't think it's the ratings. It's Fox Network. 'Nuf said. ;-)

    And yes - while Jen was good in the beginning, she has gotten too full of herself. Agree with your final 2. I see both of them as semi-Heathers from two seasons ago.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      I agree with both of you. You've pretty much nailed it on all fronts.

    2. I just noticed while watching how much I truly loathe this show. It's just awful. It's like watching CIA thugs siccing German Shephards on naked prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

      1. I really love the music. Very dramatic. That said, I really can't believe Petrozza is the last man standing considering his slovenly habits in the kitchen.

        I'd like to see both him and Jen go, but somehow I can't see Corey and Christina making it to the end together. It's too generic or something.

        They deserve it the most, though, out of this pitiful bunch.....

        1. Aww, I hate to be "that person" since most bitching about spoilers is lame but can you guys hold off on putting that stuff in the title? It's not on here in CA for another hour...

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          1. re: mumblety

            Sorry - won't do it again.

            Really, didn't mean it to spoil it for you.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              It's cool. :) If I were in your shoes I would have been so shocked that I would have been in a rush to say it, too.

              I was still watching thinking "Maybe he was lying? Bobby CAN'T be leaving, right?"

          2. ITA about Corey/Christina, and I still think they'd be a good package deal for GR, or at least they would be the pick of the litter.

            I REALLY would have liked to see both Jen and Bobby get the booterino last night. Jen should have been escorted out the second GR caught her doing her bimbo's work.

            But,,.god, those bimbos are a good argument for the revolution, aren't they? Peasants, grab your pitchforks! "Oh, I've never used a knife in my life". Jeebus Christmas