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Jun 10, 2008 06:58 PM

Middle Eastern/ Greek Bistro's

Found a great Greek Bistro in Henderson NV. Called Greek Bistro.

You can find full course and full price Middle Eastern /Greek food in Las Vegas and may not get the real thing.

We dined tonight at the Greek Bistro and were pleasantly surprised at the quality and the offerings, everything from great hummus to great gyro's. Good service with real Mediterranean folks. We were very pleased and look forward to going back soon.

Beer and wine served.

Located corner of Marks and Sunset in Henderson NV

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  1. The food is INSANE, truly delicious, and I come from the land of Greek food - New Jersey :-) The Pasticcio, the Gyros, the Lasagne... I'm going out of my mind just thinking of it!

    Great service by two of the most beautiful waitresses in the world!

    1. I have to agree with both previous posts. Visiting Vegas from Chicago and this food EASILY rivals the best Greek eating back home. And, any Chicago chows know, we have some GREAT Greek food there.

      Not only is the food delish, but the place is so clean, welcoming and cozy. This is a true "ma & pa" shop. It is owned by an Armenian family and they are wonderful to talk to.

      Must. Try. Lamb. Shank.