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Jun 10, 2008 06:45 PM

Craft - W Hotel

Anyone been? Good pick for Bday celebration?

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  1. Better go soon. Talking heads predict it will be one of the next to bail (as in, "You told us the Victory development would be full of people, but you were wrong...").

    1. We just celebrated a family birthday there this last weekend, and everyone loved it! Everything is served family style so, if you have a large group, you end up trying most of the menu. My favorite dishes were the buffalo ribeye with Texas blueberries, the yukon gold puree, and the ice cream/sorbet sampler...

      1. I hope those rumors are false. The dinner we had there was excellent. Best short ribs I have ever had.

        1. I just read a post by Nancy Nichols (D Magazine's critic) and she overheard some interesting gossip at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic:

          “Craft (in Dallas) is either closing or morphing into a lower price point restaurant, possibly Craftbar."

          (I am merely reposting - not substantiating in any way, shape or form.)

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          1. I'd call it okay for a birthday celebration. It's in the W Hotel which is great people watching. They just changed chefs and the wait staff has been hit or miss on a couple of my visits but the food has always been fabulous.