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Jun 10, 2008 06:28 PM

lobster in brooklyn

looking for suggestions. def. not nicks or the one by sheepshead bay movies. all you get from those is a lobster and the rest is awful. going out for a casual fun celebration and our annual '1st lobster of the year' dinner - 2 adults and a 13 year old who eats all - will consider any brooklyn location. good lobster; maybe even a decent drink...not over the top but not nec. picnic table either. anyone know of any good lobsters or lobster night dinners out there?

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  1. Brooklyn Fish Camp (162 5th Ave/Park Slope) is good. Never had a lobster dinner there, but the lobster roll is extra good.

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    1. re: chezfredo

      I totally agree with Fish Camp's lobster roll. Also the Crab Au Gratin is worth checking out, but very rich (I never mind).

      1. re: jbravo

        thanks. looking for the full lobster tho.

        1. re: redgirl

          Fish Camp does a 1.5 lb Maine lobster as well. Here's a link to the menu.

          Brooklyn Fish Camp
          162 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    2. what was wrong with nicks i have eaten there a couple of times and thought the food was good

      1. Honestly, IMO there aren't any good lobster places in Brooklyn. Maybe Randazzo's but they are very hit and miss, and I think they over cook every thing. You're better off bringing your own claw crackers, forks, melted butter, etc and going to the Fairway in Red Hook and ask them to steam a few for you. Bring them out on the picnic tables on the dock (great views of NY Harbour) and eat away. They have steam tables as well.

        I'm not offering this as an offbeat alternative, I'm just sayinghow desperate the situation is with seafood in Brooklyn. Then again I guess you can go to Brooklyn Chinatown and pick a lobster out of the tank Pacificana is pretty good.